World Tree Leaves

Being a lifeskiller can be a hard feat with Lost Arks combat being so captivating. However, there is more than just materials to be harvested, there is also a collectible that unlocks a special item further helping you on your lifeskill adventures.

How to

World Tree Leaves are unlocked via Questline that leads you up to the npc that also lets you exchange your world tree leaves for rewards. After unlocking the first leaf via quests, the remaining ones are obtained simply by participating in any lifeskill activity.

When to

Since lifeskills are arguably fully optional there is no right or wrong time to start collecting those, as you will get them naturally by doing lifeskills anywhere in the world


If you aren’t a big lifeskiller, you can skip on this. If you are a completionist, you definitely need to do those. The amulet, which is obtained and upgraded via leaves, will also help you boost your lifeskill abilities further, making it a useful tool for those who do embark into the gathering journey every so often.


6th World Tree Leaf

5x Adept All Trade Skill XP Potion

12th World Tree Leaf

Faint Ore Charm

18th World Tree Leaf

6x Adept Craft Kit

24th World Tree Leaf

Masterpiece #11

30th World Tree Leaf

Transformation: Rabbit

36th World Tree Leaf

Faint Citrine

42th World Tree Leaf

Title “Master of Life Skills”

48th World Tree Leaf

Silent Citrine

54th World Tree Leaf

Transformation: Gatherable

6oth World Tree Leaf

Object: Escape from the World Tree

66th World Tree Leaf

Fin Charm

72th World Tree Leaf

Sparkling Citrine


Most of World Tree Leaves can be randomly gathered during life skilling. Few of them are rewards from certain quests.

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