Lost Ark Sources Of Enhancement Materials

In lost ark, a huge part of the game is upgrading your gearscore to become more powerful and unlock new content. For a lot of players, this can be daunting at first and it can take a very long time to get your gear score up. 

Do not fear! This is why I’m writing this guide. We’re going to cover the most time-efficient weekly and daily content to get your enhancement materials.

In this guide, we’re going to assume that you know how to enhance your gear. If you don’t understand how to do it, no worries, we have a guide for that too! 

Chaos Dungeons

Chaos dungeons are daily content, but did you know you can do them as much as you want and still get materials? These are called ‘endless chaos dungeons’. They’re fast materials and not to mention fun. Round them up and AOE them down!

Instead of getting armour and leapstones directly from the content, you get a new currency. These are used in the shop just outside the dungeon with the trader. These traders have different names throughout the cities but are usually located right next to the chaos dungeon entrance.

Wandering Merchant Ships

Heard of pirate coins? Is it something you’ve neglected? Stop that at once, they’re really important! Pirate coins can be used with wandering merchant ships, these should have been covered in the main story quest.

Anyway, here’s what you should be using them on. You may find that you’re struggling to keep your stock of pirate coins up when buying the enhancement materials, I’d only use this method if either you’re playing a lot or you save them up over a few weeks and have an excess.

Abyssal Dungeons

You can do all the dungeons once a week. Not only do they have a chance of dropping Enhancement Materials, but they also give that lovely gold, which can also be spent on the market buying them off of other players.

I’d like to think these are very time efficient as they kill multiple birds with one stone, as above they also give other rewards.

If you’re doing the lower-level ones, the likelihood is you’re going to be overgeared for it anyway, so it should be a walk in the park regardless of whether you’re playing with a team that knows what they’re doing or not.

Guild Rewards

This one is a no-brainer. If you’re not already in a guild, stop reading this and go and do it. It doesn’t matter what level the guild is, it doesn’t matter how good the players are, it still gives you rewards.

These come in the form of Silmael Bloodstones. By donating 6000 silver a day, you get Bloodstones. These can then be used to turn in for Enhancement Materials. This is a very good way of doing very little for big rewards! Don’t miss out!

Una’s Tasks

Once again, this way is very briefly covered in the main story quest.

It’s important to look at the full task list to see which is the most efficient for you and which ones aren’t worth the time, as you only get a set limit per day and week! Saying that, don’t be afraid to do them, even if you choose one by accident, you can abandon it with no penalty.

Guardian Raids

Yeah, guardian raids. Not always the most fun due to the annoying mechanics and not being able to see the health bar. We’ve had many failures with less than 10% hp remaining. Now, not only does this give you gear, but it also rewards you with Enhancement Materials. This comes in a couple of forms. 

Before you accept the invitation for match-making, you have an option to harvest the guardians soul. You may have noticed you only get 2 a day, so make sure you’re using them on the highest level one you can do.

Once killed and harvested, you can get leapstones and gear that can be dismantled for materials. If it’s your first time killing the guardian, then DO NOT harvest the soul, as you’ll get a reward in the form of a box that gives the equivalent rewards as actually harvesting the soul!

The Cash Shop

Ok, ok, it’s controversial, but if I didn’t cover it, I wouldn’t be doing my job. The cash shop has 2 main currencies. Royal crystals and blue crystals. Royal crystals are used to buy cosmetics and to buy blue crystals. You can only use the blue crystals to buy Enhancement Materials, don’t ask why, it’s odd to me too.

Alright, there we have it. The most efficient way to get Enhancement Materials. I truly hope this guide has helped and thanks for reading!



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