What Is The Most Popular Class In Lost Ark?

So, we’ve found some data that may surprise you on the most popular class in Lost Ark. The data isn’t available currently for my server (Kadan), however, there is some data from Reddit. Let’s dive in.

Lost Ark Classes

Breaking down the data

Berserker being the most played class has a couple of reasons in our opinion. Now, Lost Ark has seen a problem with bots, if you go to the starting area, you’re going to find a horde of berserkers. This data is wrong, unfortunately. If you go into a main city, you’ll find very few berserkers. So we don’t believe that this is the most popular class in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark also has a problem with sorceress bots. They’re not as prevalent as the Berserker bots, but they’re still the second most botted. It’s a shame this is the case, as not only does it falsify the data, but it also clogs the servers for real players.

We’re going to work on the assumption that the graph is a good representation, the shown most popular classes are in fact correct, but they’re inflated.


The first most popular class in Lost Ark is Berserker. Big sword, huge damage, heavy feeling attacks. What more could you want? It’s no great shock that Berserker is up here, as some streamers, such as Asmongold, play Berserker, it will inevitably be more popular.


The graph above shows that sorceress is the second most popular class in Lost Ark. Combined with the massive damage output, the ranged playstyle, and the mobility, this is no shock, if you do any of the guardian raids, or do some PVP you’ll have at least one on your team.


An assassin with 3 swords, seems like overkill. Just kidding, the more swords, the better! Slash the enemies to pieces, jump around the arena and win. We haven’t played much of this class between us, so maybe we should pick up one as an alt!


A pistol, a shotgun, and a sniper rifle. This makes for some massive damage! Gunslinger is one of the most popular PVP classes right now, but they’re also strong in PVE. One of our team has a Gunslinger at T3 and it’s impressive to watch. Very good mobility, good damage but super squishy. Be careful when you play this one!


Demonic transformations, big damage and brilliant in PVP, Shadowhunter comes in third. Strangely there don’t seem to be many on the Kadan server, but once again, our data isn’t available, so maybe I just don’t notice them. Either way, Shadowhunter is a great addition to any team!


Paladin is the sixth most popular class in Lost Ark! This shocked us, mainly because in a lot of other MMO’s people don’t seem to enjoy playing any sort of support classes. If you’ve played WoW, you’ll know that tank or healer is always the one you’re waiting for when making a party.


Another support! As we said about Paladin, people don’t usually seem to play supports, but we’re so glad people are picking up the Bard class. The healing output is amazing as are the shield buffs! Please give this one a go.


Finally, a martial artist. We thought the Soulfist class was going to be one of the more popular classes. It doesn’t look that way. Soulfist is a medium ranged melee class, sort of a hybrid. However, it does have long cooldowns which need to be used properly to do the maximum amount of damage. So perhaps people are finding it hard to play.


The Striker class is the male counterpart of the Wardancer. Striker works around long cooldowns again but deals a fair amount of damage. The platinum skin for this class which incredibly cool, but it seems that wasn’t enough to get people to pick him. Not even as an alt.


There seems to be a common theme with burst windows here. The Artillerist class builds up his firepower, leading to more powerful attacks. You then have a small window to do the maximum damage. If you’re not using your burst correctly, you’re not going to be doing much damage. Fairly hard to play.


The Gunlancer class is an interesting one. We think perhaps it’s this low on the most played classes is because of its slow pace and painful leveling speed. It’s also the only class with a jump that makes you jump backward, not forwards. It throws you off!


The Wardancer class is much the same as the Striker class, but with less damage output. Large cooldowns, it’s not exactly an amazing awakening skill, but acceptable. It’s certainly not the worst class, but it’s also not the best. Give it a go and prove us wrong!


Deadeye is a watered-down version of the gunslinger. The damage output isn’t as good, the mobility skills are the same, but that makes for a weaker class, unfortunately. We don’t have one of these in our roster, so we can’t comment much on it. You won’t see many of these about.


We can see why this is one of the least played class in Lost Ark. The ranged playstyle is fun, but it needs some decent sustained damage to make it viable in any PVE situation. The long cooldowns on the skills, along with the biggest damage dealers being charge skills, makes for a bad combo. If you have to bail on your skill, you have to sacrifice a fair bit of damage.


The least popular class in Lost Ark? Scrapper is a Martial Artist class, the mobility is ok, but unfortunately, the main mobility skill is also a big damage dealer and has a large cooldown, so should you use it to dodge something, you’ve missed out on a chunk of damage.


Sorry folks, that was a long one. We think these numbers do seem to reflect the player base of Lost Ark, but some classes have been given a bad wrap. Even if you’re thinking of playing a class, but find it lower down on this list, please give it a go. You’ve got to remember, every single class is viable at end game, so don’t be put off!



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