Melee martial artist who specializes in lightning-quick punches and kicks to obliterate everything that stays in her way. Huge upside of this class is the ability to buff a party with movement speed, attack speed, critical strike chance and increased damage which makes her a true all-rounder. Animations are smooth and often lead to spectacular aerial combos. Being able to act as damage dealer and support at same time comes with downside of lower burst damage and necessity to respect cooldowns as well as being very gear dependent.

In Lost Ark we can observe a very unique approach to gender and classes. Even though Wardancer is a female version of Striker, there are major changes in abilities and animations. Striker is more focused around acting as damage carry while Wardancer is considered as secondary damage dealer and off-support.

Special Ability

After each attack with elemental gauntlets you are gaining stacks to fill 3 Elemental spheres which work similarly to other classes’ gauges. After acquiring a certain amount of Elemental Spheres you are able to spend them on special abilities and movements.

Combat Ratings

Burst Damage
Overall Damage

Skills Overwiev

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