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After completing the main storyline in East Luterra you will get access to the first ship which allows you to travel between continents to continue your journey. It is crucial for game progression and cannot be skipped. During your sea adventures you will encounter a wide range of missions, islands, Hazardous Waters or even special dungeons called Ghost Ships. It is very important to understand core mechanics related to voyage, otherwise some situations like ship breakage or wrong navigation may lead to time or currency loss.

How to start?

As a reward for completing the main storyline on the first continent you will receive a basic ship. After doing that, head to the port and step onto the anchor icon which will lead you to the ship management window. Voyage view allows you to check sailors list or ship statistics as well as managing and upgrading them. To start your first journey you will need to assign a sailor and click “Go out to sea”. After opening a map you see all available continents as well as tons of new icons which are indicating islands, time based events, Hazardous Waters and much more. Don’t feel overwhelmed by them because they are easily categorizable and in further parts of this guide you will find all the information you need (including symbols).

Do I always have to sail between continents ?

First journey to a new continent has to be performed on your ship. Once you have visited a new port you will be able to use the services of a special NPC who is offering you automated transportation between continents but charges you a certain amount of shillings. In later phases of your adventure this is without a doubt the best way of traveling between known continents.


Lost Ark offers you a few types of ships which can be acquired by completing quests, gaining reputation or crafting. Each ship has maximum durability which is diminishing as you sail. Be aware that entering Hazardous Waters unprepared will most likely result in wreckage and the necessity of repairing your ship at any port for the cost of shillings. Wrecked ship can still swim but will automatically take you to the nearest major port. You won’t be allowed to landon an island, complete quests or activities. Additionally every watercraft has sets of basic statistics such as sailing speed, rapid sailing recovery and speed etc. as well as resistance for sailing in Hazardous Waters. On top of that every ship has four basic abilities which are being used for fishing, hooking treasures and killing sea creatures.

Ship upgrades

To upgrade a ship you will need to gather sets of specific materials which are listed in the upgrading window and can be bought from vendors, received from quests or chests and crafted. Increasing ship level will result in increased resistances, speed and durability. Another form of upgrading a ship is re-modeling it which will change appearance and add new passive/active abilities.


To properly run a ship you will need a crew and every sailor brings a different set of basic statistics and resistances (some of them may be negative). They are not permanently assigned to the chosen ship so feel free to rotate them to receive the best outcome while planning your missions. Keep in mind that not every ship is suitable for certain sailors. New crew members can be acquired from quests, reputation, vendors and sea adventures. Additionally there is a limit of maximum crew members which is being increased after reaching certain ship level thresholds.

Level 1 to 3 – 2 Maximum Sailors
Level 4 to 6 – 3 Maximum Sailors
Level 7 to 9 – 4 Maximum Sailors
Level 10 – 5 Maximum Sailors

Ship Skins

Allows you to add special skin to your ship increasing its speed, durability to some hostile territories and automatically uses your ship boost as soon as it’s ready. Additionally some skins provide you with a percentage chance of regenerating boost gauge to full on use. Ship skins can be bought from premium store.

Sail Patterns

Allows you to change the colour of sails but it is only cosmetic modification and grants no bonuses or abilities.

Automatic Navigation

Allows you to set autopilot which will automatically navigate your ship to chosen destination or even follow marked points one by one.

Sea Map

What can be found in the seas


Islands in Lost Ark are scattered around the seas and offer you a wide range of unique quests, pvp missions, scheduled events and boss fights which will result in various types of rewards such as crafting materials, gold, mokoko seeds, island tokens and much more. Each island has a recommended gear score and some of them are only accessible outflow in scheduled time.


In the anchoring area near every port you will find two vendors selling secret maps, blueprints, crew member cards, ship upgrade materials, gear upgrade materials and much more. Keep in mind that the only currency they will accept is Pirate Coins !

Hazardous Waters

Some sea and ocean areas are marked with special symbols, indicating lurking danger which will wreck your ship in the blink of an eye. While planning a sailing route, keep that in mind and pick suitable ship and crew members to reduce the risk and save cost of repairing the ship.

Game distinguishes four levels of Hazardous Waters severity:

Level 1 – All resistances are reduced by 0 points
Level 2 – All resistances are reduced by 20 points
Level 3 – All resistances are reduced by 40 points
Level 4 – All resistances are reduced by 60 points

There are also five levels of immunity:

Level 1 Critical – Below -30 Resistance
Level 2 Very Low – From -29 to -1 Resistance
Level 3 Low – From 0 to +29 Resistance
Level 4 Normal – From +30 to +59 Resistance
Level 5 High – Above +60 Resistance

So to estimate your final level of immunity you need to sum up negative resistances from Hazardous Waters level with your total resistances.

Voyage Co-op Missions

Big part of Lost Ark sailing activities are cooperative missions which are scheduled on game timer and are taking place outside of major ports. To be qualified you need to be on your ship in a designated area at a certain time and reach the required item level threshold. Objectives of these missions require you to cooperate or compete with other players in order to receive rewards such as pirate coins and special voyage currencies which can be used at port vendors to buy sailors, ship upgrading materials and more. If you are really lucky you have a chance of obtaining special keys which can be used to visit Gateways and earn you additional rewards. Keep in mind that these types of missions will require you to enter Hazardous Waters so prepare your resistances and repair your ship!

Region Starting Mission Special Coin Special Key Dangerous Waters
Treasure Salvage
Guiena Coin
Key of Harmony
Storm Lv.1 Dead Lv.2 Cold Lv.2
Guiena Coin
Key of Harmony
Dead Lv. 1 Cold Lv. 1
Hunt Jellyfish
Guiena Coin
Key of Harmony
Storm Lv. 2 Dead Lv. 2
Krater Coin
Key of Wisdom
Dead Lv. 2 Storm Lv. 3

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