Lost Ark player base over 1.3 million

Today, the team over at Amazon Game Studios for Lost Ark has announced that there will be some changes coming up to the Tier 1 and 2 content currently live whithin Lost Ark. These changes mainly focus on the difficulty of Guardian Raids and Abyss Dungeons. 

Here is what they had to say

Difficulty is a hot topic when it comes to Lost Ark’s endgame content, and we’ve seen a lot of feedback around specific raids and dungeons that have left players feeling like they are more tedious than fun. In response to this feedback, we’ll be adjusting the difficulty of the following T1 and T2 content to make things a bit easier.

Guardian Raids

Flame Fox Yoho

Abyss Dungeons

Necromancer’s Origin
Hall of the twisted Warlord
Hilderbrandt Palace
Sea of Indolence

This change will take place during our weekly update, and we’ll have more details to come once those patch notes are shared.

For reference here, this choice was not only made in response to the forum thread – the team primarily looked at success rates of the content in the list before making this decision, some of which were extremely low (under 10%)

To be clear here, the devs that work on balancing the game are not the same devs that work on game connectivity or infrastructure.

Sure, I understand where folks are coming from with this argument as well. However, lots of the players here on the forums are very experienced or skilled when it comes to Lost Ark; a majority of players in the game are brand new, and content needs to strike the right balance between feeling like something that is an achievable accomplishment vs something that is actively frustrating.

Of course, I am happy to report this viewpoint/similar viewpoints and concerns, and all that jazz to the team, and will do so. Just want to give a bit of perspective behind this as to where it is coming from.

We are waiting to receive full details on what exact changes are being made where, and will share those later in the week.

We are holding our judgment on this as we are yet to see what the actual impact will be, however, we will le t you guys know as soon as the update is dropped.



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