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Lost Ark is a top-down asymmetric Korean MMORPG game developed by Tripod Studio and Smilegate. It’s been published for EU and NA regions in February 2022 by Amazon Games Studio. The game is fairly easy to get into for new players but offers a lot of complex endgame systems that will take months to min-max if you so choose. Lost Ark Ultimate Beginner’s Guide is meant to give a very brief overview of the systems that can be found in the game with reference to more in-depth guides.

Picking character

In Lost Ark you will not experience the holy trinity of tank, support and damage dealers known from other MMORPG games, instead of that there is a split of supports and damage dealers. Some classes have higher defenses and bigger life pools than others but there isn’t a special role foreseen for tanks.

During character creation you can choose from 5 main classes : 

  • Warrior
  • Martial Artist 
  • Gunner
  • Mage 
  • Assassin

After completing training grounds and reaching level 10 you will be able to test and pick one of your subclasses. On launch there will be total of 15 subclasses available:

We prepared a short overview of each class, links to which you will find in the table above. Bear in mind that selecting a subclass is a final decision. You won’t be able to revert or change it!


The game offers a maximum level of 60 but it is divided in two parts: 1-50 and 50-60.

First part of the leveling process feels smooth and you are guided through the campaign to complete different types of quests, scenarios and dungeons. Even though killing monsters grants experience points, they are not sufficient to level up so you should to focus on objectives. You should always remember to tag all waypoints which speed up your travel time.

After reaching level 50 you will be able to enter every endgame instance. Harder events are gated by item level of your character and further campaign completion. At this point the leveling process slows down and you start gaining experience by doing endgame dungeons, raids, instances as well as completing quests in new continents.

To learn how to reach level 50 efficiently go here.


In Lost Ark you will encounter six main types of quests:

Orange – Main story lane.

Blue – World quests which are also part of the main story lane.

Purple – Guide quests which unlock new dungeons, crafting options and much more.

Red – Time limited encounters limited by a certain area.

Yellow – Side quests and chain side quests.

Green – Daily and weekly quests.

Pink – Rapport quests to build up reputation with NPCs

To complete the basic campaign you have to finish all Orange, Blue and most of Purple quests. If you skip all Yellow and Red quests there is a possibility that you will end the basic story line with lvl 49.5, which will require you to go back and get experience from side quests in order to reach lvl 50 and progress to the endgame. It’s worth noting that completing quests will progress your Adventurer’s Tome, more on that here.


In Lost Ark music is an important part of story and gameplay. Playing certain songs allows you to teleport and can be used to complete objectives in quests.

Song of Trixion – Teleports you to Trixion (5 second cooldown)

Song of Return – During your visit in a major city you will be able to mark it as your Song of Return designated point and once its performed you will be teleported there (2 hours cooldown) Travels to the set location of the Song of Return. The set destination location can only be a major city.

Song of Escape – Teleports you out of a dungeon,an instanced content or an island (1 minute cooldown)

Song of Hearth and Home – Teleports you to your stronghold

More on general means of transportation in Lost Ark here. Songs guide is available here.

Sea Voyage

Finishing the main storyline in East Luterra will get you access to the first ship. It allows you to travel between continents. It is crucial for game progression and cannot be skipped. During your sea adventures you will encounter a wide range of missions, islands, Hazardous Waters or even special dungeons called Ghost Ships. It is important to understand core mechanics related to voyage, otherwise some situations like ship breakage or wrong navigation may lead to time or currency loss.

Detailed guide on sea voyage available here.

Abilities and skill points

Each subclass in the game possesses a unique set of abilities which will become available after reaching certain levels and by leveling them up you increase their power.

Each ability has its own skill tree where you can choose how to develop your character within three stages – only exception from that is ultimate ability which cannot be improved by using skill points.

Points required to level up a skill:

Skill Level Points Required to Level Up Total Points Spent
1 > 2
2 > 3
3 > 4
4 > 5
5 > 6
6 > 7
7 > 8
8 > 9
9 > 10
10 > 11*
11 > 12**

There are two ways in which you will be receiving skill points. 

  • Leveling up,
  • Drinking Skill Points.

Potions which can be acquired from:

  • Completing certain % thresholds in your Adventure Book,
  • Completing floors of the Tower, 
  • Collection of Giant Hearts, Starts of Orpheus, Marks of Ignea and Island Hearts,
  • Quests.

More information on skill points you will find here.


Each character in Lost Ark wears a set of 6 basic items which will determine your overall gear score by summing gear score of all items and dividing it by 6. Additionally your character wears 5 accessory pieces which will grant you stats bonuses but do not impact  gear score.

Between character level 1-50 equipment can be acquired from quests, dungeons and as regular drops from monsters but is not as meaningful as in endgame. During leveling you shouldn’t be focusing on how to get the best possible gear, because you will change it pretty often. Every new item in your inventory which is considered an upgrade to your current gear will have a special symbol which makes it quick and very intuitive to wear the most efficient items at any given time.

After reaching level 50, new content will be unlocked and you will be able to get the first set of equipment which will be upgradable and relevant for further progression. It can be obtained in an instance called Chaos Dungeon and will drop from regular monsters and bosses. After obtaining your first set of equipment your gear score will be set at 302 and further upgrades will increase it along with your statistics.

To learn more about gear and PvE stats go here.

Upgrading gear score

In order to upgrade your equipment you will need to visit an “Equipment Upgrade” vendor who is located in big cities and be in possession of items needed to complete the upgrade. Please keep in mind that every consecutive upgrade requires more materials. Another important information is that equipment in Lost Ark cannot break or delevel while upgrading and until a certain gear score chance to success is always 100%.

Firstly you will need to hone your item to 100% using Harmony Shards.

After honing your item you have to use Destruction Stones (Weapon) or Guardian Stones (Armor) + Harmony Leap Stone.



During your adventures in Lost Ark you will encounter a variety of consumables. One of the most important ones, at least at the start is the healing potion. During leveling it’s necessary to heal yourself. You do that by using potions.

You can distinguish two main types of healing potions:

Healing Potion

Available at potion vendors in most cities. Can be purchased for basic currency and allows you to heal for a certain flat amount of your health over time. These are pretty cheap and common so you can spam them. True downside is that you won’t be able to use them in certain endgame instances.

Recovery Potion

Obtainable only after completing certain tasks or by crafting. This type of potion will instantly recover % of your HP and can be used in every encounter. During endgame raids and instances you will only have a few uses for each boss so drink responsibly.


Lost Ark offers many types of currency for which you can buy items from vendors, upgrading materials, premium items and outfits in official game stores or use on auction house. Most of them are obtainable while playing the game, others require to be purchased for real money.

Main types of currency are:

  • Silver – basic game currency used to trade with vendors,
  • Gold – basic currency for trades on the auction house and late game upgrades,
  • Pirate Coins – basic currency used to trade with sailor vendors,
  • Peons – alongside with gold basic currency for auction house trades,
  • Blue Crystals – currency that allows us to buy certain items from official game store and can be obtained while playing a game,
  • Star Crystal – premium currency used to buy items and outfits from official game store. It can only be obtained with real money.

More on different types of currencies here.


Basic character inventory (backpack) has a 10×10 layout which results in 100 slots and is equipped with some quality of life features as well as systems used during gameplay.

Sort items – allows you to organize items in specific order.

Filters – allows you to filter your inventory for specific items like equipment, cosmetics, consumables, upgrading materials, cards and misc.

Pet Bag – allows you to use additional storage space of your pet

Material Storage – allows you to store crafting, voyage and affitiy items without any space limitations.

Quest Bag – additional storage space for quest items with 24 slots.

Dismantle – allows you to destroy unwanted items in order to get crafting materials or trading currencies.

Gem Synthesis – allows you to upgrade level of your jewels by combining them together.


In game you will find a storage vendor which offers you access to a warehouse where you can store excess items or materials. Warehouse is divided into two compartments Private which is assigned into your character and Expedition assigned to the whole account which allows you to swap items between different characters.

Life Skills

Much like other MMORPG games, Lost Ark offers wide range of professions called Life Skills. They allow you to gether materials needed for crafting different comsumables and battle items. There are 6 different Life Skills available: herbalism, Lumbering, Mining, Hunting, Fishing, Archology. 

More on Life Skills can be found here.

End Game

Lost Ark offers a wide range of endgame dungeons, instances and raids which have different stages of difficulty. In most cases progressing in those is gated behind the item level. Most notable ones are: Chaos Dungeons, Tower, Cube, Guardian Raids and Abyssal Dungeons. Another game mode that is a fairly popular end game activity in Lost Ark is PvP. There are different types of PvP so every player can fin a mode that suits him.

Chaos Dungeons

The most popular instance in the game- allows you to collect gear, crafting materials and other useful items. Consists of three arenas where you will find hordes of monsters and bosses. If you are lucky there is a chance of spawning a portal to a secret arena containing valuable prizes. This dungeon can be completed solo or in a party of up to four people. Limited to two entrance per day with full prize. After using daily passes, dungeon is still available but instead of items and crafting materials you will be receiving currency for the assigned vendor.


50 floors of diverse encounters such as killing hordes of monsters including elite ones, boss fights and survival tasks. After completing each floor you are eligible for rewards which consist of tons of crafting materials and shillings. Must be completed solo and can be done once per character. This means that you can not get rewards for completing a floor twice.

Tower guide can be found here.


Series of deadly, time-limited encounters including boss and elite monster fights. After completing each stage, the prize bar is filling up and upgrading your chest with powerful and useful items. Can be completed solo or in a group of up to four people.

Cube guide can be found here.

Guardian Raids

Main objective of this raid is to kill the boss within a 20 minutes time limit. Most of these encounters are hard and long leading to many wipes and necessity to complete mechanics in order to complete. Each Raid Level consists of 4 bosses which need to be killed in sequence, unlocking one after another. Time limit is not the only thing that makes this type of raid hard. For the whole party you have 3 rebirths which means that dodging and completing mechanics as well as HP management may be even more important than damage output. Can be completed solo but due to level of difficulty it’s suggested to be in a party of four. Guardian Raids have an unlimited number of daily entrances but only two boss kills per day will award you with prizes which consist of crafting materials, decks, jewelry and other valuable items.

Each Guardian Raid can be found here.

Abyssal Dungeons

Main objective of this type of instance is to kill bosses in a four man party. Sounds easy but if you take into account that most of them have massive aoe attacks or wipe mechanics things get a bit more complicated. In order to complete Abyssal Dungeons, the whole party must use consumables and cooperate together. Most notable rewards from these instances are tokens which can be exchanged for set items. Each dungeon can be completed three times a week.

Each Abyssal Dungeon can be found here.


After reaching a certain level you will be able to enter the world of PVP. Gear score, skill points or your character power level in general does not matter because player versus player content in Lost Ark is scaled to equalize chances and provide balance to all characters. Every player receives the same pool of stats and skill points to be distributed in the Book of Coordination and those changes do not affect your normal gameplay. Similar to regular skill trees they can be respected and changed without any limitations. At this point your gear acts as a cosmetic item only and does not provide any type of bonus to pvp gameplay. After winning or losing each match you will be rewarded with special currency which can be used at the assigned vendor to buy crafting materials, titles and much more. Game offers a few different arena types and ranked mode so everyone can find something appealing.

Team Deathmatch 3v3 – two teams of three players are fighting against each other to score the biggest number of kills in a time limited skirmish. 

Team Elimination 3v3 – two teams of three players are fighting against each other in 1v1 battles. This means it is possible to win a match without fighting because the 1st player from your team can defeat all 3 enemies. 

Deathmatch – six players are fighting against each other, one that survives is a winner.

Guild vs Guild – type of battle where you fight for precious recourses and the  battleground changes each week.

We have several in-depth guides, dedicated to PvP:



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