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In most MMORPG games you will find skill trees to create unique ways of building your character. Lost Ark isn’t any different in that regard. Every class offers a set of unique abilities. Each of those abilities can be upgraded up to level 10 (11 or even 12 in late endgame) by using skill points which will increase their effectiveness. Additionally after reaching certain thresholds you will be able to choose bonus effects called Tripods.

Every ability in the skill tree (except for awakening) has its own set of Tripods which function as the way to alter the effect of your ability. For example some Tripods may increase skill’ damage or attack speed, while others change how the skill works.

Unlocking Tripods

To unlock Tripods, your ability needs to reach a certain level. Once this requirement is fulfilled you can choose one of the offered effects, by clicking on its label. This will assign the chosen effect to your skill. Every Tripod or skill point can be respeced unlimited number of times without any cost, so it is very easy to find which ones fit your character best.

Tripod Required Skill Level Required Skill Points
Skill Level 4
4 Skill Points
Skill Level 7
20 Skill Points
Skill Level 10
48 Skill Points

Skill points are earned by your character after every level up as a natural part of progression. Additionally a certain amount of skill points can be obtained from side quests, instances, collections etc. Bare in mind in many cases those activities may require a lot of effort and time and are considered a part of the endgame.

Swapping Tripods

Tripod Replacement

Items are always dropping with bonuses to random Tripods effects. However it is possible to change and transfer desired ones into your current gear within the same tier. For example: you have a helmet upgraded to level 10 with decent stats rolls but only one good and two unwanted bonuses to tripods effects. In that case you need to find any other item within the same tier with desired bonus to tripod effect (can be for example weapon) and visit Tripod NPC. In the first window you will be able to replace unwanted bonuses to tripod effect with one you were looking for. Chances of success of this action are pretty low and can be improved with a reagent called tripod powder. In case of failure you won’t break your level 10 Helmet. Keep in mind that only one tripod effect can be transferred and regardless of success of this action you will lose an item which was being used as a source of tripod effect.

Finding Desired Tripods

To make finding items with desired tripod bonuses easier, the game offers a special feature which allows you to choose tripod effects which you would like to enhance. You can select which tripod effects you’re interested in from the list and once the item with a bonus to it drops and is picked into your inventory, it will be marked with a Tripod icon. It will transfer you to a window that allows you to choose tripod effects which if present on the gear piece will mark it in your inventory.

Tripod Library

Tripod Library allows you to save and store sets of Tripods bonuses found on gear pieces. Such a set of bonuses can be transferred into different items within the original item tier and category, for free. Let’s say you have found an item with perfect tripods bonuses but low stats so you don’t want to wear it. Go to Tripod NPC and choose the Tripod Library window, then select an item with desired tripods bonuses and click save. After doing that, pick an item you want to have tripods bonuses transferred to and click apply. This action is not consuming any items so you are safe to swap them as much as you want.

Leveling Tripods

Most of the Tripods’ effects can be improved up to level 5 which will enhance the bonus they provide but won’t change how the skill works. This can only be achieved with endgame items which naturally have Tripod stats on them. Bear in mind that you can not level Tripod with skill points. After reaching a certain gear score, Helmets, Shoulders, Chestpieces, Pants, Gloves and Weapons will provide you with a bonus for up to 3 Tripod effects increasing their level by +1-4. Keep in mind that if you have a piece of gear with a bonus to Tripod effect, which is not selected on your skill tree – that bonus will be inactive.

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