Transporation guide

Lost Ark offers multiple ways to increase your speed of traveling between locations, cities and continents. Most of them are crucial during levelling and questing, greatly boosting your progression pace.


Very basic method of increasing your movement speed which is very useful in short distances during quests or within cities. To learn more about mounts visit our featured guide: Mounts Guide.


Slow methods of traveling between continents and islands but absolute necessity to progress the main quest storyline. Requires you to own a ship and crew members. Once you have visited a port, you will be able to use a much faster way of traveling – Ocean Liner. To find more about sailing/voyage visit our featured guide: Voyage Guide.

Ocean Liner

Very fast and convenient method of travelling between continents but also costly. Requires you to visit the port you want to use Ocean Liner to at least once by sailing there with your boat. To use Ocean Liner services talk with the assigned NPC which is located in every port.

Waypoints (Triports)

Waypoints offer you instant teleportation between themselves. This form of transportation can only be used within the continent (With an exception of Bifrost). Please keep in mind that this method of transportation can greatly increase your questing and levelling speed so always click the waypoint mark.


This feature offers you a very fast and efficient method of traveling to saved waypoints. To open the Bifrost window press Alt + W buttons or click Adventure > Bifrost in the bottom right of your UI. To save a waypoint simply stand next to it and click “Save Location” button. If at some point you will decide to travel to a saved waypoint click Move. Keep in mind that this form of transportation has 2 hours cooldown after use. By default you will have only one Bifrost slot unlocked, second and third are unlocked after getting Bifrost Key which is a reward for collectibles. Last two slots are premium ones unlocked automatically when you have Crystalline Aura active.


Songs are in some cases the only way to visit trixion or leave the dungeon quickly. On top of that you are able to mark one major city as a “home” and use song of return to teleport

even between continents. Only downside is that after usage, the song of return has a 2 hour cooldown. To find out more about songs in Lost Ark visit our featured guide: Songs Guide.



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