Tower Guide

Tower is an instance that offers you 50 floors of various encounters. Each floor can be completed once and on success, you receive a predefined reward. Tower progression needs to be done floor by floor which means you cannot skip from 1 to 5 without completing 2,3,4. If you have finished on floor 14 and decided to leave, progression will be saved to that floor. To enter this instance you don’t need any type of ticket and it can be attempted an unlimited number of times. Only thing that prevents you from entering consecutive floors is your item level. Tower by itself isn’t a hard content but there are definitely some tricky parts and mechanics.

Where are Tower entraces?

You will find entrance to the Tower in every major city. Look for a wing-shaped icon like the one you see on the image below.

Is it mandatory to complete the Tower?

Tower offers unique and powerful rewards. It will greatly help with the character progression. It is not a high priority goal but should be completed at some point.

Entry requirements

To enter Tower your character needs to be at least item level 302 (Floor 1), have completed [Guide] Tower quest which is available after completing [Guide] Gear Honing quest. Each consecutive floor requires you to have a higher item level.

Shadespire Tower

Floor Required Item Level
302 ilvl
340 ilvl
380 livl
400 ilvl
420 livl
440 livl
460 livl
480 livl
500 livl
520 livl
540 livl

Doom Tower

Floor Required Item Level
802 ilvl
840 ilvl
880 livl
900 ilvl
920 livl
940 livl
960 livl
980 livl
1000 livl
1020 livl
1040 livl


There are two different types of reward loot tables. First character on account that completes Tower receives:

  • Skill Point Potions
  • Card Packs
  • Rapport Gifts
  • Creation Fragments
  • Engraving Chests
  • Potions
  • Runes
  • Giant’s Hearts
  • Masterpieces

Every consecutive character that completes tower receives gear upgrading materials:

  • Shard Pouches
  • Leap Stones
  • Stone Fragments

Types of encounters

Encounters have a time limit between 3:00 to 10:00 minutes based on its type and floor.

Eliminate enemies encounters requires you to kill all monsters in the area.

Defeat Named encounter requires you to kill Named monster. Floor is completed even if normal monsters are still alive, the only target is Named.

Defeat Boss encounter requires you to kill the Boss monster. Floor is completed even if normal monsters are still alive, the only target is Boss.

In a secret mission scenario you are required to kill Bosses which are much stronger than you and it’s not possible to do it within a time limit. Luckily you receive support from an AI controlled ally which helps you with damaging them. Only overpowered monsters are Bosses so you should focus on killing “trash” mobs to make sure your ally is only targeting Bosses. If there are no “trash” mobs left, keep on dealing damage to Bosses and dodge their abilities.

Survive scenarios require you to dodge AoE mechanics for a certain amount of time. Only objective here is to stay alive.

In this scenario the player is required to pull switches until finding the correct one. Pulling the wrong switch results in spawning mobs or activating the trap mechanic.

How to complete Tower Floor 48

Floor 48 requires you to Defeat Named monster but with a twist. You become silenced and all abilities and basic attacks are blocked. In order to kill Named monster you need to use Bombs or Grenades which should be attached to your skillbar.



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