After completing the full story line in North Vern you will be offered “Secretary Theo’s Invitation” quest. It grants you access to your private island. Stronghold is fully customizable and allows you to decorate, expand structures, invite friends, npcs as well as doing various activities like quests, crafts, researches and expeditions. It is recommended to develop your Stronghold as soon as possible. Materials needed for Stronghold development are obtained from mining and lumbering. Inviting the NPC to the Stronghold requires maxed out Rapport.

Stronghold facilities

Private island offers you five different facility types:


Allows you to upgrade facilities as well as brings you various types of direct bonuses like expanding character storage, reducing time and cost of a research, creating new recipes and increased energy recovery rate. It is the most important facility.


Your private crafting station. It allows you to create a full range of potions, bombs, grenades, food, higher tiers of Life Skill tools and items needed for your regular gear progression. Keep in mind that every craft takes time and you have a limited number of slots in which items can be qued. In addition to regular materials each craft costs a certain amount of gold. You have a chance to proc additional product after completion.


Allows you to send sailors and ships to dangerous missions, which result in various types or rewards. Each mission costs pirate coins, Stronghold energy and has a chance to fail. You can increase success rate by picking the right set of sailors which have increased resistance for predefined dangers that they will encounter. 

There are two types of missions:

Regular, which is a type of quest with predetermined rewards.

Special ones, which are endgame instances with their rewards. If you decide to send expeditions onto special missions, remember that they will reduce the number of daily entrances or tickets, in general they should only be used when you won’t be able to play for the day but you still want rewards from your daily instances.


Allows your special decorations and costumes to bring additional passive benefits such as reduced research cost, energy consumption etc.

Tranining Grounds

Great place to level up your alt characters passively. You can send one of your characters into training which can last even up to a week. During that time they gain experience without you having to play them. Major downside is that the maximum level of characters trained there has to be 2 levels below your main. In example , the main character is level 55; it means that alts can be trained up to level 53.

Is Stronghold development mandatory?

It is not mandatory to develop Stronghold but taking into account all bonuses you can get from it it’s highly recommended.

Other NPCs living in Stronghold

Your private island is a home to a few additional vendors and quest NPCs. Some of them are willing to trade rewards from your expeditions for decorations, crafting recipes and materials. Others offer you daily missions for tokens that reduce time for certain researches and crafts.

Life Skills in Stronghold

Stronghold offers you access to Life Skill materials which can be gathered without leaving your island. This solution can save you time but has two major downsides. Materials gathered in Stronghold are not tradable and items crafted with this type of materials will be bound for your usage only. On top of that gathering materials in your stronghold is less productive which means that every action will consume more energy than it usually does outside. To find out more in Life Skills Guide.

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