Melee martial artist who uses elemental gauntlets to perform quick attacks and dashes as well as performing spectacular aerial combos. Playstyle of this class is similar to other martial-artists but more offensive, combo-based with high mobility that allows you to get in and out of a fight really quickly and very efficiently. Biggest downsides are problems with sustaining damage output in longer boss fights as well as low impairment level.

In Lost Ark we can observe a very unique approach to gender and classes. Even though Striker is a male version of Wardancer, there are major changes in abilities and animations. Striker is more focused around acting as damage carry while Wardancer is considered as secondary damage dealer and off-support.

Special Ability

After each attack with elemental gauntlets you are gaining stacks to fill 3 Elemental spheres which work similarly to other classes’ gauges. After acquiring a certain amount of Elemental Spheres you are able to spend them on special abilities and movements.

Combat Ratings

Burst Damage
Overall Damage

Skills Overwiev

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