Striker PvP Guide

A true master of martial arts, Striker’s incessant barrage of attacks will leave even the most seasoned player ovewhelmed in PvP.

Boasting low cooldown and quick skills, Striker is a melee enabler that deals damage simply as he flies around from target to target, forcing out ground escape rolls and spearheading his team’s offence with rapid engages.

Striker has a plethora of ways of initiating on the enemy and also packs an incredibly high value Push Immune dash to both engage and retreat. His core weakness lies predominantly in a lack of reliable fast Hard CCs, but he makes this up with a large number of Push-inflicting skills that allow one to rushdown enemy targets and set up team combos. More than martial skills, he strikes fear into the enemies’ hearts, capitalising on small mistakes to lead the offensive.


Required Skill Points : 0









Desired Stats

750 Swiftness and 250 Domination.


Both Awakenings are valid. Explosive Heat Awakening is a combo skill and is both wider in hitbox and the higher damaging one, usually done after a Push to enemies with no ground escape rolls. Missing the first hit will cancel the skill however. True Heavenly Awakening executes far faster and is far longer in hitbox activating regardless of hit or miss, yielding a linear hitbox with great range.

Alternate pods & skills

Sweeping Kick

Unorthodox pick but can be used for very high damage conversions. Risky due to lack of immunities but when paired with Scorching Earth and Thunder Thread, it can lead to strong unrollable combos.

Berserk Circle

Fast-casting melee Hard CC with a Push followup to those that try to punish it too aggressively. Useful to use after another Push to set up damaging combos as its wide range will usually guarantee that it connects even to enemies knocked far back.

Moon Flash Kick :

Rather than increased dash range, you can use Crescent Kick as a reliable damage tool with the single attack pod. It may be harder to land, but when it does it hits incredibly hard.


  • Lightning Tiger Strike is a very core skill – it is Push Immune, a dash and a Push in and of itself. It can be used to chase enemies after they use a ground escape roll or to retreat after a failed engage while still adding value by applying Push to enemies. It is also a very strong skill with which to trade with. Managing its use is key to Striker gameplay.
  • Try to play as an enabler for your team. Striker has the tools to quickly initiate and retreat – even if no damage is done, just being able to force ground escape rolls via Pushes already adds value. You cannot frontline too much – mobility is your defence usually – but you can offer great value as every engage yields damage and opportunities for your team.
  • Swapping between isolating lone targets and winning in brief skirmishes to rapid target swapping to force out multiple ground escape rolls is a solid gameplan. Play to your strengths with low cooldown abilities and quick movement.