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If you’re looking for what points to put for your character, then have a look at this document.

It is a guide on what to use as base and has explanations on why, as well as stat weights and specialisation differences. But if you want to understand why that is, then read on.

In Lost Ark, players are given the freedom to distribute their stat points across 6 different substats.

These are:

  • Crit (Critical)
  • Specialisation (Specialty)
  • Domination (Subdue)
  • Swiftness (Agility)
  • Endurance
  • Expertise (Proficiency)


Each of these stats have a different effect, some better than others.

Every player has the same number of points to distribute across these in PvP, so it’s important you know what to put points on and why. 

Your character tends to receive stats from gearing – namely accessories – but PvP is influenced by the “Book of Coordination”, or “Fighter’s Diary”. A separate system that has its own stats, substats and skill points.

It is perfectly equalised and everybody has the same number of points regardless of gear or rank. So long as you have any weapon equipped – since you need a weapon to use skills – your character’s stats are perfectly equalised.

It will always match the values from the Fighter’s Diary, regardless of your equipment.

The amount of points you are given will vary based on patch. Assuming the latest patch from KR, you are given 1000 stat points to distribute freely – but keep in mind the maximum you can put in a single stat is 750.

If we are in the old patch, then these values will be 1250 and 1000 respectively.

So let’s work through the stats in order of how common they are.

Swiftness (Agility)

We’ll begin with the most important stat of all for PvP: Swiftness (Agility).

Swiftness is a pretty overloaded stat. It increases attack and movement speed, and reduces your cooldowns.

The attack speed increase is at about 0.01717% per point.

This doesn’t just make catching enemies easier, but depending on your class, thresholds need to be met to perform certain combos.

Without enough swiftness, you might end up forcing the 3 seconds scales rule during your combos.

If you don’t know what scales are, refer to the CC & Resistances Guide.

And for long skills, you might not even need to combo to force scales if your Swiftness is too low.

This means having a certain level of swiftness isn’t just optimal, it’s necessary.

Secondly, it increases your movement speed at about 0.01717% per point.

This may seem minor, but it is really important for helping you stay alive and outmanoeuvre your opponents. Having that extra bit of movement speed is what makes the difference between dodging attacks and getting hit.

Lastly, it increases your cooldown reduction stat at about 0.0215% per point. A 27 second cooldown for a skill will go down to 21 seconds with 1000 Swiftness.

I should note this also reduces the cooldown on your ground escape rolls and your space dodge. This makes it all the more important for survival.

Not to mention lower cooldowns are just a DPS increase, as you get to use your skills a lot more often.

Due to all the advantages it provides, picking Swiftness is usually a no brainer, so going to the maximum is a safe choice.

Still, some players do opt to run lower Swiftness and choose to put points into offensive stats instead – though usually not by much.

So don’t be surprised if you see everyone in your match having maximum Swiftness.

The exact balance of Swiftness to other stats is a personal choice, but it will usually be the primary stat in any build.

Domination (Subdue)

The second most common stat you’ll see is Domination (Subdue).

Domination is a pretty straightforward damage increase stat. It increases damage done to targets under CC at about 0.0613% per point. The value it takes for PvP is “Immobilise“.

Get hit regularly and it doesn’t really do anything, but get hit while under CC and you’re in for a world of pain.

What makes it so strong is just how heavily weighed it is. Other damage increasing stats, such as crit or speciality, usually do not give an increase of this size.

Do keep in mind that by “CC” the game means Pushes – aka knockups/knockdowns and knockbacks – as well as Hard CC.

Again, refer to the CC & Resistances Guide for more information.

It does buff damage during wakeup frames though, as it counts as a knockdown.

But if you’re in Hitstun or Paralysis – Soft or Hard Stiffness – Domination will not apply.

So even if the increase may usually be bigger than Crit or Specialisation, it isn’t always the best pick for a secondary stat, as it does have limitations.

It is usually the safest choice though.

Specialisation (Specialty)

Next up is Specialisation (Specialty).

Specialty is a bit of a difficult stat to deal with. This is because it is completely different for every class. This makes it amazing for some and utterly unusable for others.

For Deadeye for example, it increases pistol crit damage, shotgun base damage and sniper armour penetration. For Shadowhunter on the other hand, it increases her demon form damage, demon form duration, and gauge gain.

The one thing it does across all classes is increase your Awakening Skill damage at about 0.0546% per point.

Awakening is your “ultimate” skill – but while powerful, it can only be used once in a match.

It is a “gamechanger” tier skill, but even with the massive amount of damage that Specialisation can give to your Awakening, it is not enough to warrant sacrificing your damage outside of it.

Though I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a fun stat (108k 1-shot example):

What actually matters is the unique effect that it provides, and how hard it scales.

For some classes, such as Summoner, who aren’t combo oriented, the raw damage increase specialisation provides is just too high to pass up.

Not only does it scale harder than other stats (for Summoner), but it buffs her identity generation, which is her main source of damage. Some summoners even run Specialisation over Swiftness as a primary stat!

It would take too long to go over how Specialisation works for every class, so refer to the linked document to see what it does for each class, how much it contributes and whether it is recommended for yours.

Some classes may even have alternate builds based on Specialisation, like Gunlancer’s blue build.

So, keep an open mind.

Crit (Critical)

Now we go to Crit (Critical).

This gives you a chance to inflict a “critical hit”, at about a 0.0358% chance increase per point. It does not increase crit damage, only chance.

You see this as being yellow numbers instead of white.

In PvE this doubles the damage you deal, assuming no other effects. In PvP however, this only increases your damage by 50%. Considering that Domination increases damage by roughly 0.0613% per point, and some classes Specialisation can go up to 0.102% per point, it isn’t really all that big an increase.

10% chance to crit will cost you 280 points, and is realistically only a 5% damage increase due to the 50% modifier. Meanwhile, that many points in Domination yields a 17% increase in damage to targets under CC.

Considering most classes deal damage while targets are affected by Push or Hard CC, it makes sense to take a higher consistent damage up.However there are pods on certain characters that increase critical damage. Now instead of 50%, you may be looking at a 150% critical damage increase.

And for some classes, such as Sharpshooter, their main damage skill will do an absurd amount of damage if it crits – all the while also having a passive critical chance.

So although most classes don’t run Crit, there are some that have good synergies with their pods, which may make it more worth it than Domination or Specialisation.

Although you will find most veterans put at least 1 point in Crit… and with good reason.


Now we’re at the more defensive stats, namely Endurance.

Endurance is similar to Swiftness in which it does a lot. You have more physical and magical defence, at about 0.0818% per point. This can make even the glassiest of classes become very tanky. 

Shields are stronger when applied to you,  at about 0.0256% per point.

And Healing is stronger when applied to you, at about 0.0358% per point.

This can make a pretty sizable difference for support classes who may take the stat, namely Bard and Paladin.

This stat isn’t recommended to most classes. After all, the best way to survive is to kill your enemy before they kill you. 

But let’s assume a game in which a Bard deals 280k damage. 60% of which is to targets under CC (167k). With a 15% increase from domination, it will amount to a 25k increase in damage dealt.

With the same stats in endurance and assuming 510k damage taken, then we would have an 8% reduction in damage taken, which would yield a value of 554k original damage taken. This makes for a difference of 44k decrease in damage taken.

Not to mention a 6% increase in shields and 9% in heals, which may yield an even higher number.

So for Bard and Paladin at least, it isn’t such a bad secondary stat – although higher rank players more comfortable with avoiding damage and dealing more damage may opt for Domination.

Expertise (Proficiency)

The last and… least stat, sadly, is Expertise (Proficiency).

Expertise increases the duration of Hard CC you apply to enemies by about 0.0429% per point.

It also reduces the duration of Hard CC applied to you by about 0.0358% per point.

While having longer CC is nice, you have to remember that CC duration in PvP is halved. A 3 second stun is only 1.5 seconds, so it’s a negligible change. Ultimately the benefits just don’t outweigh other stronger stats.

Especially as increased CC duration or reduced CC duration doesn’t do much to change combo routes, especially not when compared to just using higher Swiftness.


So let’s summarise what each stat does and order them by how frequently they’re picked.

  • Swiftness: increases your attack speed, movespeed and decreases your skill cooldowns.
  • Domination: increases damage you deal to targets under Push or Hard CC.
  • Crit: gives you a chance to do 50% more damage – a critical hit.
  • Specialisation: increases Awakening damage as well as providing unique bonuses for every class.
  • Endurance: increases physical and magical defence, as well as the strength of shields and heals applied to you.
  • Expertise: increases the duration of Hard CC applied to others, and decreases the duration of Hard CC applied to you.

That more or less covers it for stats in Lost Ark PvP.

Look at your class, what it can do and get a feel for how you want to spread out your stat points.

But when in doubt, just get max Swiftness. Hard to go wrong with that!


  • Gearing has absolutely 0 factor in PvP. No need to care about levels or gear or skill point pots, etc. Just hop on and play as soon as you unlock PvP.

  • A minor correction in the gifs is that it’s 0.0172%, not 0.0171% for Swiftness ASPD and MSPD (0.01717~% really).

  • Defence in this game is very complex. I have no way to calculate damage taken vs defence % values as they don’t line up. Defence Stat : Defence Percentage Scaling follows a logarithmic curve but it doesn’t actually reflect your damage reduction accurately. The only reliable way of knowing how much damage is being reduced by Endurance in PvP is to just go in and get hit. Which is what we had to do to retrieve the values listed here.

  • Never write off any stat completely. Say you want to play Gunlancer, but you want to run range increase instead of duration increase on bash. You can’t really get a guaranteed Burst Cannon consistently if you need to reposition or shield up, even with 1000 Swiftness (Agility)… but with 200~ Expertise (Proficiency) it then becomes a viable option. Since the hard CC would expire by the time Burst Cannon hits, you wouldn’t get the dmg up anyways, which means it may actually be worth running Expertise (Proficiency) instead.

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