Soulfist PvP Guide

Internal energy, external force. A martial master that will transcend the peak realm of your expectations in PvP.

Soulfist is a  balanced hybrid class, with good engages, ranged abilities, peel, mobility and damage, she’s a jack-of-all-trades that works on a cycle based on her identity.

Soulfist at Hype 3 is the strongest class in the game, with massive damage and cooldown reduction in addition to an already loaded kit – but be wary as Hype 0 is the opposite, with negligible damage and resource gating. She is incredibly well-rounded, but she works on a clock that is her identity. Master your control over your identity and cooldowns and you will exert control over the enemy as well.


Required Skill Points : 0









Desired Stats

750 Swiftness and 250 Domination.


Always use Annihilating Ray for your Awakening. Ideally you want to use it at Hype 3, following a Push when the enemy cannot ground escape roll away. It does immense damage with good range. Alternatively, you can use it as a ranged peel tool for stationary targets you know have no dashes to avoid the second portion of the beam (as it is not a true combo). You can hold it to increase the duration of the first portion.

Alternate pods & skills

Pulverizing Palm :

Low cooldown mobility skill, Paralysis Immune on activation, decent for catching (think Inf Vacuum) and gives self attack buff.

Bolting Crash :

Low cooldown mobility skill with a wide range knockback that also provides attack buff to self and team.

Venomous Fist :

Really low cooldown mid-range knockdown that easily leads to Finger Bullets and Buddha Palm combos. Great for disruption.


  • Identity is the core of your class. You will want to spend most of your time in Hype 2, with Hype 3 being the “make-or-break” moment where you add the most value. When at Hype 0, your damage is low so focus primarily on team peel and support so as to not run out of resources. It is also All Immunity, so use it to protect yourself if you must.
  • Soulfist space dash has the unique property of being animation cancellable. Use this alongside Flash Step for an unreactable engage. Be wary though as you will not have many means of getting out once going in. Keep in mind the more you dash, the more damage bonus you get.
  • Energy Release is one of the strongest damage reduction buffs in the game. If you can, use it at Hype 2 or 3 for higher cooldown reduction so you get more uses of it in a game. Force orb is a great damage skill, but also great for peeling and covering escapes, as well as covering initiations. Tempest Blast is also incredibly high value. Rotate your skills so you can always support your team.