Sorceress is a class that deals powerful magic damage based on three elements – Fire, Lightning and Ice. She can easily deal with multiple enemies at once, using AoE spells. Sorceress play style focuses on dealing insane amounts of burst damage and stagger with shiny animations. During the leveling and early stages of the game she is easy to play. Situation changes in the late endgame where bosses are much harder and more agile. Missing your spells during the burst window will massively affect your overall damage.

Special Ability

When attacking enemies your identity gauge fills up and allows you to cast special skills. Sorceress has three different identity abilities: Amplify Magic, Mana Release and Blink. Amplify Magic works as an overtime buff that can be used at 30% gauge, increasing your damage and allowing you to walk while casting. Mana Release is an improved version of Amplify magic and can be used at full gauge. It increases your damage even more, reduces cooldowns and improves impairment effects. Third ability is Blink, which works as a movement skill and instantly consumes 30% of maximum gauge.

Combat Ratings

Burst Damage
Overall Damage

Skills Overwiev

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