Sorceress PvP Guide

Master of the elements, Sorceress will make her enemies spellbound in PvP – a brilliant performance for her team and an unrelenting force for her enemies.

Sorceress is one of the few classes that can play almost exclusively at range, thriving on being incredibly difficult to catch while having ways to safely catch and combo from a distance.

Don’t be misled by the flash explosions and big meteors – Sorceress is at its core an enabler class. She has low cooldowns and incredible peel and catching potential, all the while being able to create space for her team with lingering puddles and AoEs. All this utility comes at the cost of independence though, with limited ways of trading against persistent targets. Those that overcommit though, will soon find out that the “earth” element Sorceress lacks is just the ground their corpses lie upon.


Required Skill Points : 0









Desired Stats

750 Swiftness and 250 Domination or 250 Crit.

Both are equally viable – Crit is better if most damage comes from Lightning Vortex and Cold Call catches, Domination is better if most damage comes from Push or Hard CC conversions (usually team combos or Reverse Gravity).


Always use Call of the End for your Awakening. Its damage is rather low, but it has a very wide AoE and Paralysis on the vacuum after the first hit. This can be useful defensively (such as to avoid dying in a 1v3 situation), to gain temporary map control or even offensively, by teleporting in with Identity and then using it for multiple catches that your team can convert with. Think of it as a utility skill as it has various uses depending on the situation.

Alternate pods & skills

Sublime Tidal Wave

All second tier Tsunami pods are incredibly useful. Take the first pod for a faster wave with greater distance but no linger (good against ranged enemies), the second pod for a smaller distance but fast travel and rebound explosion (good for targets with limited Push Immunity) or the third to be able to “walk with the wave” and stay safe for longer but at the cost of catching ability.

Frost Columns


Frozen Fog has many different ways it can be built. Speed to make it easier to Hard CC enemies, chill effect to incapacitate targets that avoid the Hard CC, range to make it difficult to avoid or tenacity to give Sorceress at least one Push Immunity. Lastly she can also choose to give up Hard CC but run a wide 360 AoE Push to keep her safe from melee threats.

Ice Arrow

Incredibly useful tool in ranged matchups. Gives Sorceress Push Immunity while still inflicting Paralysis from range with decent damage. Works well enough at the second tier, but can be taken at the third tier too.

Lightning Vortex

Although this yields 1 second in the duration of the orb, it gives a second use. This is not a reduction in cooldown, but it ensures Sorceress is never overcapping cooldowns and can lead to tech chases that certain classes find very difficult to deal with.


  • Sorceress is more about the where than the when. As her primary catching and burst tools are all purely ranged, she can afford to have distance, but as she has no reliable Push Immunities, she cannot afford to be boxed off. Always keep in mind your position, that of your enemies and your teammates so you can reposition without risk.
  • Playing around the field of view is very important for Sorceress. She can exploit her range to catch people off-guard that may not see her casting key skills, like Inferno or Cold Call.
  • Don’t cast where people are, cast where they will be. It may in fact be worth not using skills in neutral for catching, but for peeling instead, where enemy movement is more predictable. 
  • It may be tempting to use your Identity for the damage buff, but the increase is negligible. If you need to secure a last moment kill it may be worth it, but keep in mind that it will make you an open target as all teams will know you will not have gauge.