Songs guide

Beside the entertaining aspect of songs in Lost Ark, their main purpose is to serve as a means of transportation. They are also used as emotes for quests progression and to build relationships with NPCs. The Game offers a variety of songs which are obtained by completing quests, gathering collectibles, progressing Adventure’s Tome or some can be bought from vendors for basic and special currencies.

Teleportation with songs

After playing certain songs you will be teleported to a specific location. Keep in mind that some of them may have longer cooldown.

Song of Trixion – Teleports you to Trixion (5 second cooldown).

Song of Return – During your visit in a major city you will be able to mark it as your Song of Return designated point and once its performed you will be teleported there (2 hours cooldown). Travels to the set location of the Song of Return. The set destined location can only be a major city.

Song of Escape – Teleports you out of a dungeon, an instanced content or an island (1 minute cooldown).

Song of Hearth and Home – Teleports you to your stronghold.

Is it mandatory to collect all the songs?

It is not mandatory to have all the songs but at some point missing some of them will prevent you from completing quests or activities. It may result in a slower character progression.

When should I start collecting songs?

The character will learn the basic songs by completing the storyline quests. General approach is to gather them as soon as you need them to progress with quests or activities. Keep in mind that getting some of them may be time consuming.



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