Nimble archer which attacks enemies with a mechanical bow and special arrows. Playstyle varies between using your ranged skills and filling combos up with melee abilities. This is a very important aspect to take into consideration while picking your character as it stands in contrast to the classic archetype of bow using class, fighting only from far distance. High mobility will allow you to survive longer in fights and kite enemies very effectively. Biggest downside of this class is a necessity to take risks and to use some of your skills in dangerous melee range.

Special Ability

After fully charging your gauge in combat, you are able to summon Silver Hawk. This pet has two main abilities, 1st allows your hawk to automatically attack nearby enemies and 2nd orders your pet to do a suicidal dive ending with an explosion that deals massive damage to a marked opponent. In later phases of the game, your summon can also give you and your party members additional buffs or cause enemies to take additional damage. This set of abilities creates the biggest advantage in long-lasting combats, especially on bosses.

Combat Ratings

Burst Damage
Overall Damage

Skills Overwiev

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