Sharpshooter PvP Guide

Unseen he stalks his prey, his sights never stray – be it from stealth or beyond one’s field of view, a Sharpshooter’s arrow in PvP always finds its way.

Sharpshooter is a mid to long range enabler with an incredibly slippery kit. With access to stealth and the only Hard CC Immune mobility skill in the game, he strikes when least expected and retreats as fast as he strikes.

Although Sharpshooter may have relatively high cooldown abilities, he has many ways of peeling either from mid or long range with wide AoE Hard CCs. He is one of the hardest classes to catch and can make use of stealth to avoid detection. By baiting enemies to overcommit, he can lead them into figurative and literal traps, then punishing with hard hitting attacks. His key damage is Crit-reliant, but if it lands, you’ll think his arrow is a nuclear warhead.


Required Skill Points : 0









Desired Stats

750 Swiftness and 250 Crit.

The more Crit the better – Swiftness at 750 is a base, but the more one sacrifices for Crit, the more impact Sharpshooter is likely to have, as his damage is heavily dependent on Snipe Crits.


Always use Golden Eye for your Awakening. It can true combo off of Claymore Mine, so ideally try to use it by space dashing in (or using Moving Cut) when getting a double or triple Hard CC. Since it is a large Push AoE and gives stealth at the end, you can use it defensively to stay alive in tricky 1v3 situations or for map control. It is simple but relatively versatile. Keep in mind you can get a guaranteed Snipe off of it if you begin charging as the Awakening begins its Push.

Alternate pods & skills



Snipe can work with any of the tier one pods. With the cooldown pod you have more uses of it in a game, and thus more chances at getting damage out. Speed will allow you to true combo it from Blade Storm and makes it more difficult to interrupt. Range lets you play the field of view advantage and strike oblivious targets. You can pick what fits best.

Charged Shot

An alternative to Charged Shot that makes it sync better with a stealth build. By going into stealth then using Charged Shot with the camouflage pod makes it very difficult to punish the Sharpshooter or react to its release. Decent chance to Crit but higher cooldown can be unwieldy.

Electric Nova: 3-3-1 or 3-3-2


Slightly slow cast and reactable trajectory, but very powerful AoE Hard CC from a distance. If Snipe begins casting before the arrow lands, it will be a guaranteed hit on a target if the Hard CC is successful.

Shadow Arrow

More useful as a 1v1 tool but has its use in 3v3 due to the blind effect. The increased blind pod makes it incredibly difficult to see anything when landed – rather than using it for the stun, try to cycle blind on enemies so they cannot react to attacks.

There are lots of ways of mixing and matching skills, or using other alternative skills not noted here. HE has a fair amount of build variety.

For no-stealth build check this here.


  • Your playstyle is very different between stealth and non-stealth. When playing stealth, try to open with Moving Slash into Blade Storm on unsuspecting targets in the enemy backline, then Charging Shot and retreat. If playing non-stealth, you have more freedom to try to get enemies to overcommit by chasing you while you force out their rolls or take them to your team that can readily punish them.
  • Be wary of using identity during stealth, as the Hawk will reveal your position. Likewise, don’t go into stealth while a dot is inflicted on you, or it will break.
  • Your two most important roles are using Claymore Mine (and/or Electric Nova) to peel and support your teammates, and then landing Snipes. Charged Shot and Snipe are the core of your damage, so especially when it comes to snipe, exploit field of view advantage to hit enemies when they can’t see you charge. Identity can also be useful for both damage and peeling with Last Rush.
  • Sharpshooter is a class with a lot of personal flair – due to its build variety there are many different ways of running a gameplan; be it stealth piercing Charged Shots or using speed pod on Snipe for a true combo off of Blade Storm engages or just playing bait to over-aggressive enemies, there is a lot of flexibility in both build and playstyle.