Shadowhunter PvP Guide

Harnessing the power of demons, Shadowhunter will rapidly switch from harassing her enemies at range to rushing them down in seconds in the PvP arena.

She may look like she packs an aggressive, “overwhelm at all costs” style but Shadowhunter is a class of precision and great situational awareness, flexing close, mid and long range options to her advantage all the while being incredibly mobile.

Among some of the highest damage dealers in the game, Shadowhunter is paradoxically a class of small, safe and consistent bursts and high risk, high reward explosive rushdown moments. She uses ranged tools to peel for her team and set up low risk initiations of which she quickly converts from with fast and low cooldown melee bursts. When she transforms though, she puts the “Hunter” part of her name to good use, able to turn games with only a single catch.


Required Skill Points : 0









Desired Stats

750 Swiftness and 250 Domination.


Always use Gate of Eruption for your Awakening. It is a very useful area control ability and inflicts a Hard CC on the first hit, making it incredibly useful for catching multiple unprepared enemies. It can be risky to use it in neutral though, as it is easy to avoid if one knows it’s coming, so reserve it for after a second Push on enemies with no ground escape roll when in doubt.

Alternate pods & skills

Spinning Dive


Shadowhunter has no Push Immunities in the meta build, so this is an alternative. Can either be a Push itself but with low range for trades, or an escape tool with long range. Not good for engages but decent defensively.

Cruel Cutter

Useful skill for going more into the ranged role. While higher cooldown than most other burst skills, it allows for safe repositioning after cast and has decent range. Absolutely terrible for team play though, as it easily messes up combos and can be inconsistent in damage.


Shadowhunter’s hardest hitting skill in PvP, but has no protection and only Pushes on the followup explosion. Can be comboed off of with the attack speed pod, but can be difficult to find situations to use it, despite its immense reward for landing it.]

Demon’s Grip:


Usually a more offensive alternative to Grind Chain. It has a weaker slow and it has fewer hits, so harder to use it to interrupt enemies or catch them mid-skills with the Paralysis effect, but has the upside of pulling enemies close which sets up for an easy combo.


  • Your identity activation and de-activation have All Immunity. Use it in difficult moments to avoid being caught. The entire time you are transformed you are also Paralysis Immune – you can use this to simply walk down enemies that don’t have the means to inflict Push on you.
  • Try to always have something or other to get out of danger – Shadowhunter has no Push Immune skills in her meta build. The one she does have is not particularly amazing either. Mobility is your defence, so make use of your movement abilities in conjunction with solid ranged poke to discourage enemies from pursuing.
  • Although she looks like a melee, Shadowhunter actually fits a ranged slot. A lot of your burst may be melee (Demonic Clone and Thrust Impact namely), but her whole deal is a harasser playstyle – go in, burst fast, retreat. You will be looking for the right moment to go in and making use of your ranged tools to peel and support your teammates.