Typical melee class, attacking enemies with heavy punches using huge metal fist weapons. Huge upside of Scrapper is an excellent ability to penetrate enemies which is called impair, allows to immobilize bosses and create long damage windows. Another huge upside is tankiness which is a very important aspect of any melee class. Playstyle of this character is based around two sets of skills Ki and Shock. Ki skills are fast paced with short cooldowns while Shock ones are much heavier with longer cooldowns. Downside of this class is that it takes practice to find balance between two skill sets.

Special Ability

Scrapper does not use mana, instead of that you have two gauge bars for Ki and Shock energy. Both sets of your skills work as spenders and generators which means that every time you use Ki skill you will lose Ki energy but gain Shock energy. Same mechanic applies to Shock skills, meaning that every time you use them, you will lose Shock energy but gain Ki energy. The key is to find golden balance.

Combat Ratings

Burst Damage
Overall Damage

Skills Overwiev

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