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System of runes in Lost Ark allows you to customize your abilities even more. Each skill has one slot that can be filled with any rune to improve its statistics, get additional benefits or reduce damage taken while casting. Only exception is that ultimate abilities cannot be empowered with runes. Runes are found in multiple rarities : uncommon, rare, epic and legendary which affects added values they bring in.

How to add rune to the ability?

First of all you will need to add rune from your inventory to a rune list by clicking on it. Then choose it from the list and click equip. Keep in mind that every selection can be undone so don’t worry about assigning rune to skills you won’t be using in the future as  it can be easily changed without any costs.

Can I use the same rune for multiple abilities?

As long as you own multiple copies of the same rune you are free to use them for multiple skills but some runes can be obtained only once since they are rewards from one time only quests or collectibles.

Is it mandatory to use runes?

It is not mandatory to use runes especially during early endgame encounters. Since many of them are easy to obtain and they are free damage or survivability boost, it is recommended to start using rune as soon as you have it.

When should I start getting runes?

Runes are strictly endgame items and you should start collecting them as soon as your character gains enough gearscore to finish encounters which have runes as rewards.

Is every rune good on every ability?

It strongly depends on ability. Let’s say you have a rune which gives you a chance to reduce the cooldown of an ability it’s assigned to. Since every ability has a cooldown this rune will grant you benefit for every skill it’s used for. In other case scenario if you will be using a rune that grants you reduced mana cost of skill which costs no mana it’s useless. It is highly recommended to check build guides to make sure to use proper runes for abilities to receive the highest possible bonuses from it. If for any reason you are not using a guide you can use the special feature Lost Ark offers. By clicking “show only usable runes” in the top right corner of the rune tab you will be able to choose only from runes that provide actual bonuses for your class.



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