Pets Guide

Pets in Lost Ark not only work as cosmetic items. They are actually your companions providing a lot of quality of life improvements and buffs. First pet is free and obtainable from purple quest just at the start of your journey and others can be bought from the official store or received as a reward from events and activities. You can have multiple pets in your collection but only one can be summoned and active at the time.

Pets Benefits

Auto Item Pickup

Main benefit provided by pets is auto looter. This ability is always active, saving you a lot of time and clicking. In endgame dungeons is crucial as you will be concentrated on dodging mechanics or dealing insane amounts of damage. Pets make sure that none of the valuable items were left behind on the battleground. For most demanding players, the game offers a special system called loot filter allowing you to select what items should be looted (based on rarity, item level etc.) and what is left off on ground. To create your own loot filter visit Pet Collection and click gear icon in auto looter window.

Battle Buffs

One of the premium features brought by pets are battle buffs. They allow your companion to increase both defensive and offensive statistics. This feature needs to be activated in the pet collection window and requires blue crystals. Once unlocked you will be granted with two random buffs – one defensive and one offensive. Additionally both of them can be rerolled for relatively small cost of blue crystals to change their actual statistics and values.

Defensive Buff Possible Roll
Increase Max HP
1% - 5%
Increase Physical Defense
2% - 10%
Increase Magic Defense
2% - 10%
Physical Damage Reduction
1% - 5%
Magic Damage Reduction
1% - 5%
Offensive Buff Possible Roll
Increase Crit Statistic
2% - 10%
Increase Specialization Statistic
2% - 10%
Increase Domination Statistic
2% - 10%
Increase Swiftness Statistic
2% - 10%
Increase Endurance Statistic
2% - 10%
Increase Expertise Statistic
2% - 10%

Well rolled buffs can provide a massive boost to your defences and damage output. This improvement comes at the cost of the currency which cannot be easily gained and requires endgame progression or use of official store.

Remote Access

This feature provides insane quality of life, allowing you to remotely access storage, auction house, mailbox and repair your gear including life skills tools without the necessity to talk to npcs. Additionally if your backpack gets full your pet will start using its own expanded storage space to pick up items. All these features can be used in the Pet Collection window. Remote access comes with one major downside- it needs to be unlocked by using Black Diamonds which are not easily accessible.



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