Paladin PvE Build

The Paladin is one of the current 2 supports in Lost Ark and that is reflected by it’s playstyle. Unlike the Bard, the Paladin is a melee oriented support that shines with it’s consistency in terms of buffs, shields and heals. It is your job to make sure that your party members stay alive during raids but also to buff their damage and reduce the defenses of your target. Simply put, heal, shield, fill up your gauge and then heal and buff even more. One important sidenote is to spread out your 2 main buffs, they do not stack with each other but simply overwrite each other.


Required Skill Points : 0









Desired Stats

The Paladin can run either Swiftness or Specilization.


This should be very obvious but just to make sure, we use the Luteran Court to shield our allies from as much damage as possible. Make sure to also hit any boss or target with it so that you generate gauge. This also means you should complete the “Awakening” Quest as fast as possible to get access to this Ultimate.

Class Engravings

The Paladin has 2 very viable and even one mandatory class engraving. Blessed Aura Engravings changes your blessed aura from a simple damage buff to a healing aura and a damage reduction. It is absolutely mandatory to run this class engraving to make Paladin a viable support.

The other Class Engraving, Master Fencer, increases the damage of your blue skills but that is not the reason why we run it. Even the level 1 effect increases the guage accumulation by 100% of your blue skills which is a very good steal when playing full support paladin with already 3 or 4 blue skills.


Paladin has a lot viable skills to use. The build suggest is a standard support build with 3 blue and 5 yellow skills. This is the most amount of support I suggest. We run Holy Sword & Executor’s Sword because they are both counters and offer decent impairment/destruction. A very common route is 4/4 (4 blue – 4 yellow) because you should always run 4 yellow skills for: Healing, Buffing, Buffing & Debuffing.

Mandatory Yellow Skills:

  • Heavenly Blessings
  • Holy Protection
  • Wrath of God

Interchangeable Yellow Skills (used for the STIGMA debuff):

  • Light Schock – (most common and best choice)
  • Godsent Law – (for additional support – should be run on top of another Stigma skill)
  • Holy Explosion – (if Destruction is needed)
  • Sword of Justice – (no real reason to run this over Light Schock)

When it comes to Blue Skills, our 3 most common choices are:

  • Holy Sword (high damage, impairment & counter)
  • Executor’s Sword (decent damage, impairment & counter)
  • Charge (mobility & shield)

I would personally always recommend running these 3 skills. If you play a 4/4 build there’s 2 viable choices:

  • Flash Thrust (pure damage, low cooldown)
  • Punishment (high impairment & high destruction)


Flash Thrust is more common but in raids where you need impairment or destruction Punishment is very strong and the preferred option.

Viable Engravings

Regarding Engravings, the Paladin needs 3 engravings to fully shine. Before reaching 3 engravings, the Paladin feels a bit lackluster but also does not need much more after reaching the 3 main engravings which are:

  • Blessed Aura
  • Awakening
  • Specialist


It is at first sufficient to run Healing Faith at level 1, so that your blessed aura also heals, but it should be your aim to finish it once you complete all 3 engravings.

Other viable engravings that I suggest:

  • Spirit Absorption
  • Ether Boy
  • Master Fencer (sufficient at level 1 since we want the gauge increase)
  • Vital Attack (purely if you need impairment in raids)

It’s a common misconception that Heavy Armour is good on supports while I believe it’s not needed at all. Considering you don’t run grudge like any other DPS does, you already take 20% less damage than all other classes meaning you already are much tankier. Paladin also on top of that is inheretly tanky, making it very easy and forgiving. Instead of running Heavy Armour I suggest anything mentioned above.

Basic Rotation

The Paladin doesn’t follow a strict rotation. You have certain rules and priorities you follow which are the following ones:

  • Have one of your two buffs up at all times (unless they are both on cooldown)
  • Have your Stigma debuff applied
  • Holy Protection for the heal (should be pretty much used on cooldown unless you know you need the cleanse/purge for something specific)
  • Counter Skills – can be used for damage unless you know a counter mechanic is coming up or might be happening. Try to always have 1 available. You will always contribute more to your party by hitting a counter mechanic, resulting in a down of the boss, than doing damage with your skills.
  • Personal Damage Skills

Please remember, we are not DPS players.

Special note

DPS Paladin is simply not viable and never will be. No matter how much you try you would just do more damage with the same setup on an actual DPS. The only way to play it properly is to massively outgear the content and be insane amount of gearscore ahead of what everyone else has. Example would be to have a +23 or more weapon when everyone else is at 15. Please do not try to make it viable, it will never be. We only have 2 supports currently out of 23 (15 on EU/NA launch) classes which means there’s enough DPS classes to play if you want to play DPS.

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