Omnium Stars Guide

After a fairly long journey into Arkesia you’ll reach a place called Punika and get to know its residents. Alongside of that, you will also receive the opportunity to gather a new collectible.

How to

In order to unlock the stars, you need to finish the storyquest of Punika. After that, a questline from Nia will unlock your very first star and set you on your road to collect the others.

When to

This collectible is bound to the T3 content of Lost Ark, as thus, you can start as soon as you finish the storyline. You should also get ahold of the other stars in a quick fashion, as the rewards are quite good.


With only 7 stars in total, 1 of which being the quest reward, the task to collect the other 6 should definitely be followed through in a timely manner. Some of those rewards are based on random drops, so it is best to start gambling as soon as you finish the questline.


1st Omnium Star

Stat Increase Potion

2nd Omnium Star

Greater Skill Point Potion

3rd Omnium Star


4th Omnium Star

Greater Stat Increase Potion

5th Omnium Star


6th Omnium Star

Greater Skill Point Potion

7th Omnium Star



Acquisition source
[Quest Reward] Complete !Wings of hope
[Una's Task Reward] Complete Una's Task: Saving Gardens or Protection of the altars - Tikku Gardens
[Rapport Reward] Nia - Trusted
[Can be bought] 8,000 Solar Coins - Papunika Port Travelling Merchant(Sea)
[Boss Drop] Randomly drops from Field Boss: King Moak - Tikku Gardens - Punika
[Boss Drop] Randomly drops from Field Boss: Estelle the Desperate Puppeteer - Hidden Valley
[Boss Drop] Randomly drops from Dungeon Boss - Ruins of Bel-lion

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