Necromancer's Origin

Necromancer’s Origin is the second Tier 1 Abyssal Dungeon. This dungeon is considered to be harder than Demon Beast Canyon. Requires even more communication and cooperation between all party members to avoid wipeout and berserk mechanics. In order to complete Necromancer’s Origin make sure that all players are familiar with mechanics and their roles.

Necromancer’s Origin consists of two bosses:

  1. Reanimated Garum
  2. Sigmund the Immortal
Category Requirement
Item Level
Players Required

Battle Items

- HP Recovery potion - This is only way to heal yourself during the fight

- Protective Potion - Creates shield of 15% max HP for 8 seconds

- Whirlwind Grande - This type of grenade deals decent damage and applies a lot of stagger

- Time Stop Potion - This type of potion make you invincible for a moment but does not prevent you from dying to powerful wipeout skills

Reanimated Garum

Reanimated Garum is the first boss of Necromancer’s Origin. This boss stands out with massive AoE and slow attacks. This encounter is considered to be fairly easy one. However, every party member has to pay attention to the main machanic, Death Gaze or there will be a wipe. 


(Mechanic) Death Gaze

During the fight the boss applies Death Gaze debuff on players. Amount of stacks applied is visible above the player’s head. If even one player will have 5 stacks, the boss casts an explosion and wipes the party.

Death Gaze (Wipe)

This happens at 5 stacks.

(Mechanic) Death Gaze Removal

Each player can remove all stacks by clicking on orbs which will be randomly spawning all over the arena. In general, players should never reach four stacks and shouldn’t be clicking orbs while having one stack.

Attack Paterns

Triple Swipe

Boss performs series of three frontal swipes with his claws.


Boss starts casting series of double sided cones pushing players back.

Small Ring

Boss slams the ground and starts casting ring shaped explosion knocking players down.

Large Ring

Boss casts large ring chapped explosion covering almost whole arena knocking players down.

Charge Swipe

Boss boss charges forward and swipes with his claws.

Double Tail Swipe

Boss swipes his tail in small cone and right after that performs another swipe but covering much bigger area.

Sigmund the Immortal

Sigmund the Immortal is the second boss of Necromancer’s Origin. Prepare for massive AoE attacks with short animations. Bare in mind that some boss abilities may stack on each other.

Biggest weakness of Sigmund is low mobility which especially helps classes with slow animations or long combos. His two signature moves are Annihilation and Shockwave. Annihilation is a wipeout mechanic which requires a player to stagger Sigmund while he is casting a massive explosion covering the whole arena. Shockwave requires players to pick up orbs based on explosion colour (Gray or Red).


(Mechanic) Annihilation

Boss starts channeling a massive explosion which will cover the whole arena and wipe the whole party. To avoid if from happening stagger the boss while he channels.

Annihilation Fail

This how it looks when party fails to stun the boss.

(Mechanic) Shockwaves

Just before dying the boss casts Grey or Red Shockwave which indicates the colour of orbs needed to be picked up. Based on how much time it took for the party to complete this mechanic, the boss will regain a certain amount of health. Mechanics need to be completed at least two times before the boss becomes killable.

Shockwaves Fail

Failing this mechanic does not result in instant wipe but the boss regenerates full hp. It’s important because the boss has a berserk timer. Not killing boss before timer ends will most likely result in wipe

Attack Paterns


Boss slams the ground.


Boss casts 360 degree spin.

Regular Explosion

Boss casts a massive explosion. Stay near the boss to avoid its effect.


Boss casts cone shaped explosion

Blood Rain

Boss fires multiple bloody projectiles into the air. After short period of time they fall down.

Blood Meteors

Boss calls multiple meteor type projectiles.

Backstep into AoE

Boss steps back and starts channeling a massive explosion. Explosion itself is similar to regular one but with smaller safe zone around the boss.

Pools of Blood

Boss casts multiple Pools of Blood on the ground dealing damage over time to players within their range.

4x4 Orbs

Boss fires two waves of four projectiles in cross shape.

4x6 Orbs

This mechanic is similar to 4×4 Orbs but instead of 4 orbs in second wave there are 6.

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