Nacrasena guide

Nacrasena is the second Guardian Boss in Raid Level 2. Unlike Chromanium he is much more agile and often changes his position. His mobility especially affects classes with longer cast time or ones that require to perform combo attacks. Difficulty of this boss is considered to be low if players follow a few simple rules. First of all, the boss tail can be cut off which removes the majority of deadly attacks from his pool which makes the whole encounter much easier. In order to do that use skills with weak point tag and Bombs from Recommended battle items (Corrosive and Destruction). Secondly, before Nacarasena’s tail is cut off players should dodge his laser at any cost. Players hit by lasers will be grabbed and take massive damage.

Category Requirement
Item Level
Players Required

Battle Items

- HP Recovery Potion - This is only way to heal yourself during the fight

-Corrosive or Destruction Bombs - Speeds up process of tail destruction


Two of those items:


- Protective Potion - Creates shield of 15% max HP for 8 seconds

- Pheromone Bomb - Prevents boss from running or teleporting into different parts of arena

- Flare - Once used shows boss location on map. Useful at the start of the fight or if the boss teleports away.

Weak to
10% more damage taken from Earth Element


Toxic Breath

Boss cast two small cones one after another.

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Boss charges his tail with electricity which empower his attacks.

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Double Swipe

Boss swipes his claws to times in a row pushing players back.

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Claw Slam

Boss slams ground with his claws two times in a row pushing players back.

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Boss digs underground and after short period of time jumps out knocking players down on contact.

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Boss jumps on chosen location knocking players down, if  boss is electrified players will become paralyzed.

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Double Jump

Boss jumps on chosen location two time in a row location knocking players down, if boss is electrified players will become paralyzed.

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Tail Swipe

Boss swipes his tail pushing players back.

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Boss channels multiple electro geysers knocking players down on contact.

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Lightning Storm

Boss targets player with lightning storm.

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Spawn Adds

Boss spawns multiple scorpions, they are very weak but still should be killed.

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Tail Cut

Once the boss is impaired you will be able to target this tail and cut it off with enough damage output. Once tail is gone boss becomes much weaker and loses part of its attacks.

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Boss strikes lasers on targeted areas. Becoming hit and paralyzed by this ability results in being grabbed and receiving massive damage. Dodge this ability at any cost.

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Boss charges knocking down all players in his path.

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