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Mounts in Lost Ark come in different forms and shapes. Their main purpose is boosting your travelling speed throughout the game. They are used in most parts of the world with some limitations. You cannot use mounts in dungeons, sea adventure islands and instanced content.

There is a continent called Tortoyk where your size is being reduced and you are not able to use a regular mount. While completing its questline you will be awarded with a suitable “Ladybug” mount which fits your size. During your sea adventures you will encounter quests which require you to obtain special mounts to complete them. Every mount type in Lost Ark has a unique spacebar ability which in most cases works as a temporary speed buff or a jump. Additionally some mounts have special abilities but they are mostly resulting in cosmetic actions(like fireworks or can only be used in specific areas.

Where to get my 1st mount ?

You will be awarded with your 1st mount during the early part of the main quest line, just around level 11. It will be a reward in the form of an item. You need to click on it in order to add the mount to the collection.

Are mounts bound to my character?

Mount are account bound items which means that once it is obtained on one character all other characters within an account can use it. There is only one limitation which prevents you from using mounts before completing certain quests. For example you cannot use mount before completing a quest which gives you 1st mount but after that you can use any mount allowed on the continent. 

Is using mounts mandatory?

Mounts greatly increase your travel speed in nearly every aspect of the game and basic ones are free so there is no reason not to use them.

Mount rarity

Mounts occur in five types of rarity – uncommon, rare, epic, legendary and relic. Rarity does affect mount movement speed.

Uncommon, Rare, Epic – 420 Movement Speed
Legendary and Relic – 450 Movement Speed

Mount accessibility

Mounts can be both obtained in game and bought from premium shop but the number of mounts that can be obtained by playing a game is limited. Premium shop offers you a wide range of shiny and colourful mounts but they are more likely treated as skins because of giving very minor competitive advantage.

Can I change my mount skills?

No, mount skills are unique to every type and cannot be changed in any way.

Do all mounts have the same movement speed?

Despite the fact that mounts possess different movement skills which affects their “total” movement speed” there are two basic speed types 420 and 450. To check which mount has certain value please check list down below:



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