Mokoko seeds

Mokoko Seeds are the first collectible you encounter on your journey in Lost Ark. The small, green bean-like seeds are scattered across all of Arkesia. Finding and bringing them back to the Elder of the Mokoko Village will grant you a variety of rewards.

How to

In order to “collect” a Mokoko Seed, you have to interact with it. To get the rewards, visit the Elder once you have reached specific thresholds.

When to

You can start collecting Mokoko Seeds as soon as you leave the tutorial, however, some of those are well hidden or locked behind requirements which are accessible later in your jouney. You don’t lose out on anything by not collecting them early on, but you can certainly do so.


Mokoko rewards are a classic collectible in Lost Ark. While not mandatory like Skillpoints, there are some decent rewards to be obtained, namely the Mokokoship and a few other collectibles. They do come with a timeinvestment, but they can be done in steps and at your own pace.


50th Mokoko Seed

Totoma Card

100th Mokoko Seed

Kindness Potion

150th Mokoko Seed

Stronghold Crew Application Form: Chicachica

200th Mokoko Seed

Vitality Increase Potion

250th Mokoko Seed

Crew Application Form: Cocorico

300th Mokoko Seed

Stat Increase Potion

350th Mokoko Seed

Mokamoka Card

400th Mokoko Seed

Paradise’s Knight License

450th Mokoko Seed

15x Eurus Blueprint

500th Mokoko Seed

Stronghold Crew Application Form: Mukomuko

550th Mokoko Seed

3x Shy Wind Flower Pollen

600th Mokoko Seed

20x Eurus Blueprint

650th Mokoko Seed

Crew Application Form: Poipoi

700th Mokoko Seed

Title “Mokoko Hunter”

750th Mokoko Seed

Structure: Mokoko Seed Monument

800th Mokoko Seed

Transform: Egg of Creation

850th Mokoko Seed

Stronghold Crew Application Form: Kind Paruru

900th Mokoko Seed

Background: Moki Toki

950th Mokoko Seed

Masterpiece #32

1000th Mokoko Seed

Ship Model: Blooming Caravel

1050th Mokoko Seed

Crew Application Form: Narinari

1100th Mokoko Seed

Title: “Nice Smelling”

1150th Mokoko Seed

Masterpiece #44

1200th Mokoko Seed

Mokoko Charm

1250th Mokoko Seed

Weird Mokoko Emoji Pack

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