Lumerus guide

Lumerus is the second Guardian Boss in Raid Level 1. Similar to Ur’nil his mechanics are simple and telegraphic but in some cases Lumeros AoE abilities can be dangerous. It is recommended to attack the boss from behind since most of his attacks go frontal or sideways. Additionally players staying too far away from the boss are vulnerable to his powerful AoE abilities. Below 30% HP some of Lumerus’ attacks become enhanced and stronger.

Category Requirement
Item Level
Players Required

Battle Items

- HP Recovery Potion - This is only way to heal yourself during the fight

-Time Stop Potion - This type of potion make you invincible for a moment but does not prevent you from dying to powerful wipeout skills


Two of those items:


- Protective Potion - Creates shield of 15% max HP for 8 seconds

- Pheromone Bomb - Prevents boss from running or teleporting into different parts of arena

- Flare - Once used shows boss location on map. Useful at the start of the fight or if the boss teleports away.

Weak to
10% more damage taken from Dark Element



Boss channels cone of ice in from of him.

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Boss charges and knocks down players in his path.

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Boss starts casting aoe nova which will repeat three times. Third nova will knock down players within its range.

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Boss casts series of geysers which will knock you back on contact.

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Boss jumps into air and on landing creates huge cone which knocks players down.

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Boss swipes in front of him.

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Cone Swipe

Boss swipes two times in front of him and performs cone attacks right after that. Once hit by a cone attack player gets knocked down.

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P2 Upgraded Earthquake

Boss hops up and creates huge nova after landing, knocking down players within its range.

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