Lost Ark Rapport Guide

Rapport in Lost Ark is a fairly important long-term goal for the progression of your account and character in the game. Rapport is a way to raise your reputation with certain NPCs in the game and will grant rewards to your account as you grow and progress your overall rapport.


With the aid of Rapport Quests, you can engage with a variety of NPCs in Lost Ark on a regular basis to learn about their stories and build your reputation. You can grow your rapport by giving them gifts, playing songs, or embarking on different tasks to increase their affection levels. The rewards that you gain from taking on these challenges will help you develop your character or expand your collectibles.

The Rapport Window may be accessed by pressing Alt+N or by heading to the Adventure Tab in the game menu. The Continent, Location, Attained Rank, and Rewards of each Rapport NPC in the game may be found here. It also allows you to keep track of the activities and gifts that you have access to on a daily basis.

These include:

  • 5 songs
  • 5 Emotes
  • Rapport Gifts 

Note that the Crystalline Aura membership gives you one extra action every day.

Stages of Rapport

NPCs can progress through five stages of rapport. Each stage is divided into sublevels. They will either launch a Rapport Quest or provide text choices to learn more about the character’s background if they are completed. When you complete a stage, you get access to the rewards for the subsequent ones. Only Sasha and Ealyn can presently reach the Affection stage.

  • Affection (1 level)
  • Amicable (3 levels)
  • Friendly (3 levels)
  • Normal (2 levels)
  • Trusted (3 levels)

Higher-level NPCs may have higher Virtue stat requirements, preventing you from progressing until those criteria are reached. These stats may be found under Skins & Virtues in your Character Profile (P). Completing Sidequests, Una’s Task reputations, Collectibles, and Rapport NPC stages, will help to increase them.

Some of the items that can be obtained are Wisdom, Courage, Charisma, and Kindness Potions.

Rapport Gifts

Rapport Gifts may be purchased in a variety of ways in-game and provide your favorite NPCs an additional boost in points when given to them. In a single day, a maximum of 30 of the same gifts may be given to an NPC. Rapport gifts may be obtained from the following sources:

  • Rewards from the Island Quest
  • Rewards for logging in
  • Merchants on the Move
  • Mari’s Hidden Treasures (F4)
  • In all major cities, Exchange Rapport NPCs traded with Providence Stones.
  • Completion of the Adventurer’s Tome rewards legendary and artifact rarity rapport gifts.

Storage in Rapport

All of the game’s rapport gifts are kept on their own storage page. To access Rapport, go to the “Storage” option at the top of your inventory and pick it. Keep in mind that things like legendary Rapport and Epic Rapport Chests are not saved until an item is removed from them.

Points for Rapport

  • Epic – 300-450 hours of experience (NPC dependent)
  • 2,000 experience is legendary and
  • 10,000 experience is considered as “Artifact”.

The following is the only exception:

  • Female NPCs get 5,000 XP from the Encavian Crown, while male NPCs receive 5,000 XP from Crystal Necklace.

NPC Focus 

Complete the Adventurer’s Tome using Skill Point Potions, Virtue Stats, or Adventurer’s Tome completion goods. These are worthwhile NPCs to focus on early on, but keep in mind that there are many additional NPCs with things worth pursuing later.

  1. Easy Gold Rewards

These are NPCs where getting to the early reward stages does not take a long time and are worth pursuing if you want easy and rapid Gold. Keep in mind that NPC Rapport may help you get more Gold, but it takes a long time.

  1. The Heart of Giant’s Reward (Skill Potions)

There are four in all. Collecting Skill Point Potions is a good way to get them. On Wisdom Isle, Giant’s Hearts may be exchanged. If that’s what you’re looking for, any of these NPCs are viable options. Some of them take a significant amount of time and virtue stats.

  1. Rewards from Virtue Stat Potions

To progress in Rapport missions with the majority of the important plot characters in Lost Ark, virtue stats are required. To get to these levels, you’ll need to get stat potions from Rapport NPCs to increase your Virtue stat.

  1. Rewards from the Adventurer’s Tome

Certain goods from NPC Rapport rewards are required to finish your Adventurer’s Tome in specified locales. 


  • Raise Rapport Stages with NPCs by giving gifts, playing songs, and embarking on different tasks on a regular basis.
  • Depending on what you want to do in the game, choose Rapport NPCs that meet your needs.
  • Completing Sidequests, Una’s Task reputation, Collectibles, and Rapport NPCs will earn you Virtue Points.
  • Trusted Stage NPCs may be invited and placed in your Stronghold.



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