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Life Skills are similar to professions in other MMO games, however its systems and mechanics are more complex. There are six types of life skills: Mining, Fishing, Hunting, Archeology, Lumbering and Herbalism. Each of them gives access to unique sets of materials and crafts. To start leveling a profession you need to have required tools. The 1st tier can be bought from the assigned vendor but it is relatively weak and slow. The higher tier tools can be crafted and are more powerful.

Every life skill has a very basic skill tree. It allows you to use new active abilities and passive masteries. They are unlocked after reaching certain profession level thresholds. Gathering spots can be found on every continent as well as in a special dungeon called Platinum Fields. Your ability to pick them is limited by the level of certain life skills and amount of energy points you have left.

Are Life Skills mandatory?

Life skills are not mandatory but materials which can be gathered are used to craft very important endgame items. Such as recovery potions, buff food, bombs etc. are a necessity for raids and content progression. All materials can be sold on auction house. It is a consistent gold income. Taking into account all benefits that Life Skills brings you it is highly recommended to start gathering.

How to start gathering and level up Life Skills?

The only thing you need to start your gathering journey are tools. Basic level ones can be bought from an assigned vendor in any major city. Once you have them, travel around any location in the game and look for marks on minimap which are indicating deposits of certain resources. You don’t have to start progressing Life Skills while leveling character but it’s recommended, especially on the first one.

Life Skill energy

The sole limit placed on gathering is energy points. They are capped at 10500 for the whole account.. Each gathering costs you a certain amount. Energy regeneration process is automated and takes around one day for 4000 points. You can use special consumables to restore some amounts instantly. The only exception from these rules is applied in Platinum Fields where you are not spending your energy points.

Which Life Skills should I level up first?

It all depends on your preferences. The auction house is based on a supply-demand scheme. It is hard to define which materials will be most efficient to gather. Safe choice will always oscillate around high demand materials which are ones from Herbalism, Lumbering and Mining.

Where to gather materials ?

Materials can be gathered in nearly any open world location, platinum field and strongholds.

Life Skills in Stronghold

Stronghold offers you access to Life Skill materials which can be gathered without leaving your island. This solution can save you time but has two major downsides. Materials gathered in Stronghold are not tradable and items crafted with this type of materials will be bound for your usage only. On top of that gathering materials in your stronghold is less productive which means that every action will consume more energy than it usually does outside. 

To find out more about Stronghold visit Stronghold Guide.

Are Life Skills profitable?

Definitely! It all depends on market saturation with certain goods. General approach is that for consistent profit you should be doing Herbalism, Lumbering and Mining. If you are big shot type of person with hazard tendencies- Archeology will be your choice since rarest Crafting Kits can bring you even tens of thousands gold per one item.


Tools are necessary items to perform any kind of gathering. Basic tier (Green) can be bought from the assigned NPC for silver. 

Each tier of tool has predefined number of random bonus statistics:

Tier Rarity Bonus
Tier 1
1 Bonus statistic
Tier 2
2 Bonus statistics
Tier 3
3 Bonus statistics
Tier 4
4 Bonus Statistics
Tier 5
5 Bonus statistics

If you have enough silver it is advisable to keep buying Tier 1 Tools until you get ones with a good roll.

Tier 2+ tools can only be acquired by crafting which requires certain amounts of resources for each profession.

Every time you use a Tool its durability is reduced. At some points it will need to be repaired.  Process behind that is easy and requires you to find an NPC that repairs your regular gear. One major downside is that every time you repair an item its max durability is reduced. For example, every tool starts with 100/100 max durability and after repairing it it goes to 96/96 etc. At some point you need to make a decision if you want to restore maximum durability (which costs special items that can be bought for black diamonds) or if you want to buy/make new tools with fresh 100/100.

Plantinium Fields

Platinum Fields is a special type of dungeon where you can gather the best tier of crafting materials without spending your energy points. To enter this instance you need to have a ticket which can be obtained from regular Life Skills progression.

Platinum Fields offers two types of maps you need to choose from. The first one is for Herbalism, Lumbering and Mining and the second one for Fishing, Hunting and Archeology. Area is split into two parts. At the beginning you need to gather all materials and find special ones to unlock “boss area” where all sweet rewards are waiting for you. Most efficient way is to go with a party of three people and split your gathering paths so the whole area is plowed up as quickly as possible. Platinum Fields are dropping special items which can be traded at assigned vendors for certain crafting materials.   

To find out more about Platinum Fields visit Plantinum Fields Guide.


To craft items from gathered materials you need to visit a Workshop in your Estate or assigned vendor. The Creating process is easy and straightforward, you need to pick items from the list while having all necessary materials and click the start button. Each craft takes around 30 minutes. There is a limited number of crafting processes that can be queued at same time. Keep in mind that every operation there costs you gold but it’s a fraction of the finished product at the auction house.

Life Skill types


Based on finding and gathering plants. Materials are used to craft battle potions which are the most important consumables during the progression of endgame content. Herbalism is considered the best long term gold maker but also requires the biggest amount of time to do it.

Tool – Glove


Based on finding precious metal deposits and smashing them with your pick. Gathered materials are used in estates to upgrade buildings, craft tools and fusion crystals as well as some consumables. Mining along with Lumbering is considered the best short term gold maker and requires minor time investment.

Tool – Pick


Based on cutting down trees to acquire various types of woods. Gathered materials are used in estates to upgrade buildings, crafting tools and fusion crystals as well as some consumables. Lumbering along with Mining is considered the best short term gold maker and requires minor time investment.

Tool – Axe


Based on standing in a predefined spot to catch various types of fishes. Gathered materials are used to craft consumables, fusion crystals and tripod powder. Fishing Is considered to be really unpopular and if the market is not saturated it may bring you a decent income but its value may change very quickly.

Tool – Fishing Rod


Based on tracking and killing animals to acquire various types of skins. Gathered materials are used to craft consumables and fusion crystals. Hunting is considered to be really unpopular and if the market is not saturated it may bring you a decent income but its value may change very quickly.

Tool – Knife


Based on locating and digging for rare types of artifacts. Gathered materials are used to craft higher tiers of life skill tools. Archeology is considered by many people the big shot type of profession. One good find can bring you huge amounts of gold.

Tool – Shovel

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