Island Tokens

Islands Tokens are a collectible which you will unlock nearing the end of your jounrey to level 50. It starts with a questline at the Island of Afares(names may change). Collecting Island Tokens will reward you with a variety of goods ranging from permanent statboosts as well as other collectibles. 

You also get access to a compass that boosts your island and voyage speed.

How to

Island Tokens are obtained, as the same already suggest, from islands. The task you have to fulfill varies greatly between the islands. The tasks vary from killing mobs, doing questlines to participating in events or fighting against other players.

After you obtained an Island Tokens, you need to bring it to the Givena Statue (names may change) on Afares Island.

When to

You unlock Island Tokens on your journey to level 50. After that, you are free to collect the Island Tokens at your own leisure. Certain islands are timegated, others have item level requirements. This is an ongoing task that you won’t complete within a day or two, but the rewards are worth it.


Arguably the most important reward of the Island Tokens is the skillpotion that permanently increases your skillpoints of all your characters. The compass is really good for sailors and island adventures as well.


5th Island Token

Greater Stat Increase Potion

10th Island Token

Emote: Threaten

15th Island Token

Uncommon Wooden Compass

20th Island Token

Greater Skill Point Potion

25th Island Token

Mount: Golden Moss Turtle

30th Island Token

Masterpiece #3

35th Island Token

Emote: Wave Dane

40th Island Token

Luminous Aquamarine

45th Island Token

Gienah’s Protection

50th Island Token


55th Island Token

Masterpiece #22

60th Island Token

Secret Map

65th Island Token

Oceanic Aquamarine

70th Island Token

Structure: Statue of the Goddess of Harmony

75th Island Token

Masterpiece #38

80th Island Token

Ship Model: Tortoise Turtle

85th Island Token

Secret Map

90th Island Token

Storm Aquamarine

95th Island Token

Obejct: Procea’s Statue

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