Is Lost Ark Fun To Play?

Before we look at whether Lost Ark is fun or not, we need to look at whether it’s worth playing. Lost Ark is a top-down MMO, it’s the same view as Diablo for example. Some people may take issue with this view style and since you can’t move the camera it can really put people off. 

All that said, is it worth playing, and will it be fun? Yes. It’s a simple answer. As a free-to-play game, what are you losing when downloading it? 

The Combat

Regardless of which class you pick, the combat is amazing. You’ll have a lot of fun. It’s incredibly fluid, with large hordes of enemies running at you, it feels very immersive. We’ve played lots of games over the years, all of the big named ones, World Of Warcraft, Diablo, Starwars The Old Republic, the list goes on. We can honestly say, this game has the best combat we’ve ever experienced.

World Layout And Graphics

The worlds in Lost Ark are a masterpiece. There’s no other way to put it. The graphics are beautiful and the world design is next level. Every new island or continent we visit, we’re still taken aback when we get there. It really takes your breath away. And once more, it’s FREE to play!



There are currently 20+ subclasses. This means, whatever your playstyle, there’s going to be something for you.

 If you want a class with guns, pick a Gunner!

If you like smashing things with a sword, pick a Berserker!

More of a sneaky player? Pick an Assasin!

Prefer a magic playstyle? Pick a Bard!

Interestingly, there are no typical MMO team compositions, ie. Tank, 2 DPS, and 1 Healer. Lost Ark only has DPS classes and 2 Support classes. You would think this would cause an issue with raiding, but it doesn’t. The gameplay just makes sense. In fact, it would be strange to have a tank class now, it wouldn’t fit in anywhere.

Leveling And Max Level

The leveling in Lost Ark is okay. It’s not amazing, the storyline is fine, but the developers are fully aware of that. The max level is 50, although this is a soft cap, the max level is actually 60, don’t worry about it. It’s not important.

Getting to level 50 is where the game opens up. Leveling your character to 50 is just guiding you through the skills, and how to use them. After that, you’re on your own, do whatever you want to do!

Lost Ark Endgame

The endgame in Lost Ark is huge and it’s a lot of fun! You’ll have a huge range of content, including, 8 player raids, 4 man dungeons, 4 man guardian raids, and a whole host of areas to explore!


Raids in Lost Ark are coming with the next patch, so people are leveling their characters up to 50 as fast as they can! It’s going to reward you with unique gear, tons of gold, and a host of other rewards.

Raids in Lost Ark aren’t a walk in the park, like a lot of other MMO’s. If you don’t successfully do the mechanics of the boss, it’s going to wipe your whole group. This can be frustrating, but once you have it nailed down, it feels great! Tons of fun!


As you level through Lost Ark, you’ll have to run through some dungeons in the main story quest. Once you’ve hit 50 you can do this on a harder difficulty along with 4 other players. These dungeons are not easy. Much like the raids, it’s very easy to wipe. The rewards are more than worth it though!

Guardian Raids

Guardian raids aren’t the same thing as a normal raid. You’ll have a time limit of 20 minutes to find the boss on the map, try to kill him while avoiding the mechanics and you can’t see his health bar! You’re also limited to 3 lives shared with the whole team, so don’t waste them!


Now that you’ve hit level 50, you’ll be able to sail the seas with your very own ship and crew! The main attraction of the sailing is the island content. Each island has its own storyline and own unique art style. While you’re going through these storylines, you’re going to be handsomely rewarded with upgrade materials for your gear. 

Island content is a massive part of the endgame and is often overlooked by new players, so don’t miss out!


So after all of that, we can answer the question, is Lost Ark fun? Yes, yes it is. Collectively we’ve sunk thousands of hours into this game. It’s such a beautifully immersive world with amazing combat and a massive end game, and did I mention it’s FREE TO PLAY. 

If you haven’t already given Lost Ark a go, do it now, you’re missing out on one of the best MMO’s ever made.



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