Ignea Tokes

Venturing further into Arkesia, there comes a time where players will have completed the adventurers book (Atlas) and by doing so, obtain their very first Ignea Token. While definitely on the endurance side of things, it may be well worth your time to complete multiple books in order to obtain more of the marks.

How to

Every adventurers book page (per continent) has a Ignea Token as the 100% completion reward. This includes EVERY bit and piece that you can find on the page, including affinity with listed npcs. 

This is definitely a timely task, so don’t be discouraged, especially at the start, this will take weeks to finish.

When to

Due to the fact that many tasks in the books are time gated, it’s best to start as soon as you can to get the ball rolling. Some activities can be bruteforced, others have to be done repeatedly over a longer course of time to be completed.


While definitely not necessary, there are some very helpful rewards locked behind this, namely a bifrost key, a skill potion and a legendary card from one of the most commonly used sets.


1st Ignea Token

Mount: White Scarab

2nd Ignea Token

Mokoko’s Skillet

3rd Ignea Token

Luminous Energy

4th Ignea Token

Superior Vitality Increase Potion

5th Ignea Token


6th Ignea Token

Zinnervale Card

7th Ignea Token

Superior Stat Increase Potion

8th World Tree Leaf

Greater Skill Point Potion

9th Ignea Token

Bifrost Key

10th Ignea Token

Delain Armen Card

11th Ignea Token

Title “Arkesia Pilgrim”

12th Ignea Token

Object: Mount to the Seekers

13th Ignea Token

Mount: Golden Terpeion

14th Ignea Token

Background: Kandaria

15th Ignea Token



Ignea Token is a reward from 100% Advenure’s Tome completition of each continent.

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