Icy Legoros Guide

Icy Legoros is the third Guardian Boss in Raid Level 1. Unlike the first two bosses he is much more agile and often changes his position. His mobility especially affects classes with longer cast time or ones that require to perform combo attacks. Despite the mobility aspect of Icy Legoros he still has pretty simple telegraphic skill patterns. Players should position themselves behind the boss and be aware of possible crowd control effects which may chain and result in taking massive amounts of damage.

Category Requirement
Item Level
Players Required

Battle Items

- HP Recovery Potion - This is only way to heal yourself during the fight

- Protective Potion - Creates shield of 15% max HP for 8 seconds

- Pheromone Bomb - Prevents boss from running or teleporting into different parts of arena

- Flare - Once used shows boss location on map. Useful at the start of the fight or if the boss teleports away.

Weak to
10% more damage taken from Lightning Element



Boss dashes back and cast small cone in from of him.

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Boss charges and knocks down players in his path.

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Triple Charge

Boss performs three charges one after another knocking down players in his path.

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Ice Explosion

Boss slams the ground releasing icy spikes around him, knocking up players within its range.

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Boss jumps into the air and shortly after dives down slamming the ground. Players within its range will get knocked down.

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Triple Jump

Boss performs three jumps one after another. First two are pushing the player back while the third one knocks the player down.

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Boss performs swipe attack pushing back player hit by it.

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Double Swipe

Boss performs two swipe attacks.

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Quad Swipe

Boss performs four swipes in the row pushing back players hit by it.

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