How to make Excavation faster and less tedious!

Excavation is one of the 6 Trade Skills in Lost Ark. It has a great argument to be the most useful and the most profitable trade skill in Lost Ark.

Excavating stands out as something special and unique to Lost Ark that not many if any MMO’s have.

Excavation is digging up relics and materials that you can later use to craft treasure maps to find very valuable rewards. You can then either sell these rewards or use them for yourself. They sell well and is a great way to make some Gold if you’re short.

So Normally you need to use Sonar to find the Relics however there is a map here and this shows all the different nodes that are available.

So, what you want to do is unequip Sonar then use the map above and select your route.

When you think you’re in the right area of the node press scan and it should reveal the node. To point out the nodes will always spawn in the same place so it will become second nature to run near the spots once you’ve done the loops a few times.

This will make it so much easier than running around with the dodgy metal detector that won’t show exactly where the node is.

The reason that excavation is better than foraging is you get 4x the rewards for the same time plus you get 6x the exp points. And when you go to sell the materials that you’ve gathered the prices are high so you can sell them easily for a nice profit if you don’t want/need them for yourself.

You should level your excavation because it allows you to get a chance to dig up treasure chests whilst excavating. This trade skill is basically Loot Hunting.

At Lv.20 you will increase the movement speed after each successful excavating activity, this will stack up to 5x. You’ll also get +25% movement speed whilst reaching 5 stacks which allow you to start a minigame. Then at Lv.30, you get a Sniffer dog that locates hidden relics.

This also increases the rare loot drops and the perk lasts for 3 minutes and has a 5-minute cooldown.

Use the map for better Excavation results and ditch Sonar!



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