How to get the most of your engraving in Lost Ark

Engraving in Lost Ark is important because Battle engravings are general bonuses that can boost your stats, reduce cooldowns, and many more attributes.

There are 43 different types of engravings that are balanced by negative side effects when you hone the stone.

Class Engravings are rarer. Every advanced class gets 2 of them, each of which leads to a different way of playing that class.

To bring up your engraving press “P” and you’ll see a tab for your engravings to the right of the skins and virtues.

Each engraving has a row of 15 nodes, and for every 5 nodes the engraving’s effect increases.

If an engraving combines a bonus with a penalty, the penalty won’t change as the engraving’s effect levels up.

After you’ve completed the West Luterra side of Lost Ark, you unlock two slots on your character beneath the weapon slot. Each of these can have an engraving equipped in them. You’ll find both equitable class engravings and battle engravings in the submenu.

To begin with, you’ll need to learn them by reading recipe books.

The way to have 3 maxed Engravings:

When you equip the engravings, you should make sure they have +2 on both stats on your jewelry (All the jewelry needs the +2 stats) as example look for pieces with the same stat such as “Grudge” and “Keen Blunt Weapon”.

Then you should have a +5 on both stats on the engraving stone. This will add up to +15 for both the stats so two of your stats will be maxed. Then you need to do the class stat.

Here’s how:

To max your class stat, you need to have 20 purple books already used as you get a lot for free but if you haven’t used 20, they are cheap, and you should defiantly pick them up and max your stats.

Then equip the pieces, they need to be the same engraving which will be +18 so you’ll have a +3 surplus, but you will also have 3 maxed out stats!

Getting the right stats on your engravings can take time in Lost Ark but the sooner that you start working toward the right items the faster you will see progress on your account.



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