How do you get the best ship in Lost Ark

How do you get the best ship in Lost Ark as soon as humanly possible? Well, here’s how to obtain the Elbern’s Wound!

“It is a towering ghost ship surrounded by sinister energy. As durable as she is imposing. She’s strong against the dead waters and somewhat resistant to cold snaps. Those who wish to claim her will need to find the marauding Ghost ship.”

Why is the Elbern’s Wound the best ship in the game?

It is very durable, resistant to dead water . This is huge because think about all the times you’ve traveled through it and this ship is just resistant to it! It is game-changing as we are sure you’re aware of how dead water royally messes with your ships, but the Elbern’s Wound is just unaffected and can pass straight through!

 It’s a massive quality of Life Improvement and you’ll thank us later once you get it!

How do you get this ship in Lost Ark?

You need to do the quest “Bleak Night Fog” which is a daily quest but to complete it you need to do the Ghost Ship raid which comes around once a week so in theory, it’s a daily task, but it can only be done once a week.

You need to do this quest 16 times therefore you will not be able to obtain the Elbern’s Wound for 16 weeks, as soon as you can do the tasks you should get started on it, and remember if you miss a week then it will just take longer to complete, and you won’t have the op Ghost ship for longer.

Now there are ways around waiting 16 weeks because what you can do is use Una’s Tasks Instant completion pass so the days that you aren’t doing the Ghost Ship raid you can use the instant pass and it’ll significantly shorten the time it takes to complete it!

Depending on what day you start the quests you’ll need 13-15 passes if you are to try and get it asap. This cuts your times from 4 months to 2 weeks, and we can’t stress enough how much of a game-changer this boat is!

So how do you get Una’s task completions?
You can purchase them if you are P2W or if you are F2P then convert your gold into blue gems and claim 10 completions which is a massive step in the right direction! If you are stuck on gold, then use this link here for tips: here

To make it easier you should pick the lowest level of the boss because he slaps! And you get no retries so once you lose the weekly quest is locked until the following week.



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