How to farm silver in Lost Ark

Silver is one of the most valuable resources you’ll come across in Lost Ark. Although when you start out in the game there doesn’t appear to be much need for it, this will quickly change towards the end of the game. Many people fall short of silver in tier 3 content so be sure to stockpile as much as possible on your account and be sparing when using it before you reach Tier 3 content.

One of the biggest traps that we have seen with silver in Lost Ark is wasting it re-rolling gems in Tier 2. Gem re-rolling is very expensive, and you are far better off if you hold on to the silver until you are progressed into Tier 3 and focus on refining your builds then.

Silver is vital in Lost Arc because without it you won’t be able to recycle gear, can’t upgrade your gear, and many more vital things that will limit your progression in the game.

Where to farm silver in Lost Ark

Lost Ark is a brand new (kind of) MMO RPG Game that was originally launch to the Korean market 2 years ago, and while it was a slightly rocky start, over time they have developed the game experience allowing it to launch in the weak to insanely high expectation and polish for a newly launched MMO Game.

Lost Ark's Launch

Chaos Dungeons

This is a great way to farm silver, It doesn’t matter the difficulty of it but just get it done otherwise you’ll be missing out on some easy and free silver. Do this on all your alt accounts and make sure you use them as silver mules!


Cubes give a tonne of silver plus you can get some juicy bonuses! Also, do the weekly quest that includes the cubes as it will grant a boatload of silver for you to collect and farm. By doing it on your alts it will increase the Silver flow!

Daily Unas

Lopang Island – Doing these quests can generate you a lot of silver just by picking a few things up so it has crazy value. And it will take you little to no time at all to complete. The amount of silver goes up with your gear score so if you wanted to get more then up your gear score.

Trade your Bloodstones

You can trade the Bloodstones for some silver chests that give you silver. This is a very good way to get it!


I’m sure by now you have heard people talk about how important alts are in Lost Ark. One of the main reasons for that is their ability to farm materials for you main to help it progress. Along with providing materials, you can also grind out silver and items that can be sold for gold on these alts allowing you to double down on your daily efforts by simply keeping up with your alts daily tasks.

We hope this guide was useful and if you would like tips on farming Gold in Lost Ark be sure to check out the guide here.



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