How to Farm Gold in Lost Ark

Gold is very important in Lost Ark as it is mainly used as a currency that is traded between players, but it also feeds into some of the gear upgrading systems present in the game. There are a few strategies that will generate you a tonne of gold and here’s some below:

Una’s Tasks

This comes about once you hit level 50. You have weekly tasks that will reward you with Una’s tokens. This then can be traded for a Hefty Gold Sack, Small Safe or a Large Gold Chest. Inside these you have a chance to get gold. This will be the most common way to do it as lots of people will gain access to this and the tasks aren’t very difficult to get the tokens.


Guide Quests often give gold as rewards so if you are struggling for it and are in desperate need then get questing!

Selling Leapstones

You can acquire Leapstones by doing Guardian Raids twice a day, these are tradable. Therefore, you can sell the tier 1 and 2. We recommend keeping the tier 3 ones because they are needed. However, as you progress you won’t need the tier 1 and 2. Then you need to go to the shop and buy crystals from the money you made then you go to Mari’s secret shop and exchange the crystals for life Leapstones and you’ll make (at the time of this article) 6x the amount of gold. It’s kinda a no brainer and an easy way to 6x your gold.

Abyssal Raids

Do the weekly limit of 6 and it will straight up give you gold for your efforts. Do the highest one you can, and you’ll get more rewards from it.

Playing the Auction House Game

As with all MMO games, there is an in-game economy in Lost Ark. By selling unwanted items on the auction house, you can fund your upgrades and build stacks of gold for future content.

Having a good amount of gold in Lost Ark is a quick way to get past the Pay to Win aspects in the game so making sure that you are savvy with the potential earning that you have will massively increase your success.

We will be producing guides for key items to look out for and sell on the auction house in the future, however, until then be sure to check the value of any of your items before you get rid of them.



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