How to download and play lost ark

So, you want to join the hype and get involved with Lost Ark, but you don’t know how to? Then follow these instructions so you can get involved and jump in with the HH Gaming team!

Download through Steam

Lost Ark is available through Steam, so to download the game you will need to download and set up a Steam Account.

The game is downloaded from Steam! Here’s the link to get a steam account:


Click this green link above on the Steam website and it will take you to an install page.


You’ll then be taken to this page where you’ll need click the blue link “install Steam”.

If you are on Mac, then you’ll need to click the little apple logo here.

From there it will install onto your computer, click through “next and answer the questions and include your preferred language, and install Steam into your PC.

From there you’ll need to create an account by clicking “Create a New Account…”

If you’re an existing member you’ll need to login by entering your account name and password here.

And if you have an account but can’t remember the details then click “I can’t Sign In…”

After logging in you’ll need to go to the Steam store and type “Lost Ark” and choose your pack or you download it for free!

You’ll need to verify your age but once you’re through that it will take you to the download page!

Press the Green button and enjoy the game!!!!



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