How many characters can you play in Lost Ark

There are 15 classes to choose from in Lost Arc from Artillerists to Shadowhunter’s. So how many can you play at one time?

Having Multiple characters is very important to funnel gear towards your main character! There are 6 Character slots that you can fill, however, there is an option to increase this which P2W players can use however 6 is plenty for any player.

To increase your limit you will need 900 Royal Crystals which cost around £7 or $9.

If you wanted to experience all the characters, then you’ll need to purchase all the slots. This isn’t an awful idea if you have the spare cash lying around but getting a feel before you choose your main isn’t the worst idea because you may see later you enjoy the Paladin role more than the Scrapper role.

Initially, your main character will be the character you made on your first day! However, you can change this once per day on your account menu. So, if you find you want to change your main character you can do so but only once per day.

Once you hit the level cap at the end game there is a limit as to how many resources you can get in a day. Now, this is where your alt accounts come into play. 

The reason you want all the alt accounts you can possibly have is because it will get you resources that you can then give to your main to use for upgrading and improving its gear. Your alts can collect and transfer honing resources, gold, and Silver. This will be vital for your progression into late game and getting your gear score up! You’ll notice the difference when you get more resources from your alt other characters.

Make your alt accounts run Guardian raids and Chaos Dungeons when you can as this will boost your resources. But also, the game pumps you with lots of events to aid in gearing multiple characters. Again this will be huge for your progression for your main as it will provide you with the necessary components to better your main account.

Lost Ark is a grindy game and having a different class to swap to changes the whole feel of the game in the role that it will do, so keeping up with your alts will keep the game fresh and exciting for months to come.



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