How Knowledge Transfer works in Lost Ark

You’ve hit level 50, you’ve used up your power passes, you now have 3 level 50 characters. Well, that’s all the boost gone then, you’ll have to quest up to 50 again if you want another max character. Thankfully not! 

The knowledge transfer system is something that isn’t covered very well at all, in fact, it’s confusing at best. 

What Is Knowledge Transfer in Lost Ark?

Knowledge transfer is a system implemented in the EU Launch patch and the Korean patch of Lost Ark. It is, however, not in the Russian patch currently, so we’ve got lucky with this one!

Once you’ve hit 50 on your first character, you must then complete the Vern storyline to unlock chaos dungeons and early ‘late game’ content.

After getting to this stage in Lost Ark, you will have a quest available at your stronghold. In this quest, you’ll talk to an NPC and he’ll show you his robot. You may notice this is the same robot as the ones in Arthentine.

This takes about 2 minutes to complete and once you are finished you will be able to boost a character to level 50 with gold.

Not only can you boost them straight to level 50, but you can also boost them further than that, completing the Rohendel storyline and Yorn, much later on into the game.


Preparing Your Alt

So, you’ve got all of the quests out of the way, now you’re ready to boost. Pick your alt, go through the advanced class selection.

Once you’ve picked your full class, you will need to run through the very first few quests  in the game. Thankfully you can skip all the cutscenes if you don’t want to watch them again. You’ll need to complete a few quests until you unlock sheet music during a quest called ‘Legends and Fairytails’. Once you’ve done this, you will have unlocked the music sheet ‘Harth and Home’. This will teleport you to your stronghold.


Knowledge Transfer Time

Use the music to teleport yourself to your stronghold. The knowledge transfer robot is in the southwest of the stronghold. Run on over to him and find the boost you want.

The North Vern Boost will cost you 600 gold. This is will boost your character to level 50 and provide you with a starting set of 302ilvl  gear. Depending on how far along the story you are on your main you will also unlock other boosts, However, the price of the boosts scale.

On this patch, it will cost you an extra 1000 gold to reach Rohendel, ouch!

Now all you have to do is wait for 8 hours. You’re still able to play the character, should you wish to. But in 8 hours, it will be level 50!

Final Thoughts

This is a great system and we’re very lucky to have it in this patch! In earlier patches of the game, it wasn’t available, but cash shop boosts were. They’ve let us spend in-game currency instead of making it into a profit machine, props to the deveopers on this one!




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