Hall of the Twisted Warlord

Hall of the Twisted Warlord is the third Tier 1 Abyssal Dungeon. Comparing this dungeon to two previous ones, it’s much harder. Some mechanics require perfect timing and communication between players. At this point using battle items like Whirlwind Grandes is mandatory. In order to complete Hall of the Twisted Warlord, ensure that all players are familiar with mechanics and their roles.

Hall of the Twisted Warlord consists of three bosses split into two encounters.

  1. Phantom Legion Rook & Bishop
  2. Phantom Legion King
Category Requirement
Item Level
Players Required

Battle Items

  •  HP Recovery potion - This is only way to heal yourself during the fight


  • Protective Potion - Creates shield of 15% max HP for 8 seconds


  • Whirlwind Grenade - This type of grenade deals decent damage and applies a lot of stagger


  • Time Stop Potion - This type of potion make you invincible for a moment but does not prevent you from dying to powerful wipeout skills

Phantom Legion Rook & Bishop

Phantom Legion Rook & Bishop are bosses of first encounter in Hall of the Twisted Warlord. Fights start with both of them active and should end with both of them dying at the same moment. Additionally, the encounter consists of a party wipeout mechanic called Friendly Fire where players are required to target projectiles shot by Rook onto Bishop. Failing this mechanic results in party wipeout.

Enrage – Rook and Bishop should be killed in a short period of time from each other. If not, one that stays alive will berserk and most likely wipe the whole party.


(Mechanic) 1st Friendly Fire

Rook Charges back and marks one player with crosshair. After a short period of time Rook fires a large projectile targeting a marked player. At this point the targeted player should stand behind the Bishop so he will take that shot.

(Mechanic) 2nd Friendly Fire

Very similar to 1st Friendly Fire but this time you need to destroy the Towers around the Bishop to clear the path for projectile shot by Rook.

Friendly Fire Failed

If you fail this mechanic the whole party will be wiped.

Bishop Attack Patterns


Boss casts a series of lasers in random directions.

Quad Laser

Boss casts two series of four lasers.


Boss casts a series of lines which shatters the ground.


Boss summons multiple orbs on the ground. After a short period of time they explode, knocking the player down.

Cross Orbs

Boss calls four orbs and sends them back.

Rook Attack Patterns

Ground Swipe

Boss swipes the ground knocking players down.


Boss performs a belly flop knocking players down.


Boss slams the ground.

Phantom Legion King

Phantom Legion King is the boss of the second encounter in the Hall of the Twisted Warlord. Phantom Legion King abilities are telegraphic and easy to dodge. Problems start when he creates a wipeout mechanic called Sword of Illusion. It’s the moment where the whole party needs to cooperate together and keep perfect timing.


(Mechanic) Sword of Illusion

This mechanic is pretty complex and can be split into two parts.

1st Part:

  • Once the mechanic starts players should be standing alone in North, South, East, West parts of the arena.
  • Once Swords of Illusion are summoned they will start following players. One sword per player.
  • Players should walk into swords AoE in pre set order but the sword cannot be soaked while the player has debuff. Debuff appears once another party member soaks a sword.
  • Soaking players while under effect of debuff will result in Wipeout.
  • Players have fixed time to consume all swords. If they failed = Wipeout.


2nd Part – What to do after u consume your sword

  • During Sword of Illusion the mechanic boss has a stagger bar which should be brought down before the last sword is consumed. Fail = Wipeout
  • Boss needs to be stunned in order to start progressing to the stagger bar. You can stun the boss with grenades, for example Splendid Flash or Whirlwind.  Fail = Wipeout
  • That’s why the 1st sword should be always soaked by the class with the strongest staggering skills to start progressing bar asap.
  • After the player soaks the 2nd sword he should start attacking the boss as well. Same as the 3rd player.

Attack Patterns

Sword Swipe

Boss swipes his sword creating a frontal beam.

Teleport into Jump

Boss teleports into a random location and jumps down slamming the ground.

Sword Rain

Boss calls multiple swords to fall on the ground.

Sword Cone

Boss swipes his sword performing a cone shaped attack.

Double Dash into Sword Cone

Boss dashes twice and performs a cone shape attack with his sword.

Ilusion Cyclone

Boss creates multiple spinning copies of his sword.

Flying Swords

Boss creates sword halo above his head and releases them to attack players.

Double Swing

Boss swings his sword two times in a row.

Cone Hell

Boss starts casting multiple cones one after another.

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