Gunslinger PvP Guide

By the time anyone notices the glint in her scope, it is already far too late – when Gunslinger has set her sights on someone in PvP, only death awaits.

Gunslinger is a ranged-focused version of Deadeye, with greater emphasis on mobility and re-positioning as well as superior sniper abilities.

She packs some of the highest combo damage in the game and great zoning and peeling potential. Gunslinger has some rather low defence and HP values, as well as somewhat high burst cooldowns, but the large number of skills means there’s usually always something or other up to contribute. One of the hardest classes to catch, she can run circles around the map all the while being ready to turn around at any time and punish overextending enemies.


Required Skill Points : 0









Desired Stats

750 Swiftness and 250 Specialisation.

250 Domination can also be useful as it applies to shotgun skills as well, but is dependent on Push or Hard CC.


Always use High Calibre HE Bullet for your Awakening. It is quick activation, does good damage and has a massive AoE behind the foe that it hits that applies Push. Since it is a projectile, it also has a very long range. It can be done off of most catches into Spiral Tracker or Hard CC.

Alternate pods & skills

Spiral Tracker

Usually taken over Dexterous Shot for the Crit resistance down debuff. As it is a debuff, it applies to the whole team, which can lead to serious damage if lucky.

Dual Buckshot


Alternative shotgun damage ability. Can have Push Immunity and mobility tied to it, making it easy to convert with.



Very big range AoE with slow and Hard CC associated if multiple hits connect. Does decent damage and the large 360 area that it fires means it can usually result in double or triple catches.

Gunslinger has a lot of skills which means a lot of pods can be shifted to other skills, such as giving up shotgun damage for more pistol utility or vice versa. Some may not run tier three Perfect Shot to have more skill points, etc. There is versatility in builds.


  • Gunslinger has a lot of options on how to play – she can quickly go into enemy backlines and single out targets to outduel or play a backline safe ranged game with sniper shots in neutral. There’s a bit of personal flair for this class and how one engages and retreats tends to be different from player to player.
  • Gunslinger has a lot of ways of catching and hitting in neutral, but don’t be too trigger happy. Perfect Shot and Focus Shot are as good peeling tools as they are neutral damage – rotating them to be able to maintain a degree of zone control but still have something up to support can be a good choice.
  • Try to use Spiral Tracker over AT02 Grenade if possible when comboing enemies. With how useful it can be as a ranged Hard CC peel tool, the grenade may be better reserved to support your allies. You may need it for certain combos though, especially from long distance catches, so getting used to range thresholds is important.
  • Keep in mind Gunslinger’s key weakness is her lack of Push outside of Sniper. Be wary against enemies resistant to Paralysis.