Melee class that specialises in defence techniques, using huge shields and powerful blocks. In some cases you may act as a replacement for support, having a wide range of debuffs, taunts and shields. On top of that Gunlancer is doing high burst damage and impairment which is very helpful during boss fights. Mobility of this class is on of the lowest compared to any other character but it is compensated by tankiness and ability to soak insane amounts of damage. Your movement ability is not made to dodge (as is the case with other classes), instead it will cause your character to perform a back jump. Overall playstyle of Gunlancer is forgiving and easy to maintain but for some people may seem slow and sluggish.

Special Ability

Depending on the situation, you can use either Defensive Stance or Shield of Battlefield. While in a defensive stance you are slowed down but granted a shield which diminishes over time. Its power is based on the current state of the gauge. After using Shield of Battlefield your character jumps into selected location casting aoe effect which shields every party member in its radius for up to 5 seconds, a huge downside of this ability is that your character becomes immobilized for full duration.

Combat Ratings

Burst Damage
Overall Damage

Skills Overwiev

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