Gunlancer PvP Guide

The unbreakable shield and the unstoppable spear. The size of his weapon is as big as the impact he brings in PvP.

Gunlancer may be a beefy tank character, but his real role in PvP is as a support – peeling for his teammates and being a deadly annoyance to the enemy team.

It is a hard class to carry with, but when in sync with his team, Gunlancer is one of the greatest protectors; both for his team, and himself. He is nearly untouchable if his identity – an on-demand Push Immunity button – is managed correctly alongside his space dodge and Counterspear. With one of the strongest buffs and Awakenings in the game, you will be the one speechless when meeting one of these silent protectors.


Required Skill Points : 0









Desired Stats

750 Swiftness and 250 Domination.

Gunlancer has flexible builds – multiple different stat combinations can work to fit your build.


Both Awakenings are valid. Guardian’s Protection is the strongest map control tool in the game – use it either to snowball from heavy aggression or use it defensively to give your team breathing room. Alternatively, use Lance of Judgement after a Chain Hook, Bash combo for one-shot potential.

Alternate pods & skills

Charged Stinger


High damage tool that can help compensate for when Surge Cannon is on CD. Can be run pure damage (pair it with Identity for safe use) or passive Push Immunity.

Leap Attack

Can replace Surge Cannon in a Specialisation oriented build as a damaging tool. Harder to interrupt and can be used more often, but less burst overall. Flex for a more sustained playstyle.

Shout of Hatred

Use for much greater survivability and some team support, as it will inflict a damage dealt reduction debuff on enemies.

Guardian’s Thunderbolt

Solid defensive skill. Albeit slow, offers another source of Push Immunity and allows you to peel for your team with a ranged Hard CC option. Can be punished relatively easily though.

Shield Shock

Great skill at debuffing enemies in a Specialisation oriented build, increasing your team damage output and applying an incredibly obnoxious slow debuff to movement and attack speed. Does decent damage too.

There are other useful Gunlancer skills that you can use depending on the build. It has a great deal of build variety.


  • Don’t be overly obsessed with your damage done – as a Gunlancer, your role is to support. By being obnoxious to the enemy team and preventing your team from dying, you add immense value to the field. Damage comes naturally as you can force double Pushes and force enemies to waste their ground escape rolls.
  • Never forget to use your identity before Surge Cannon – it is very easily interruptable by Paralysis otherwise. With duration increase Bash, you should still have time to use your space dash to reposition in a bad situation before activating your identity.
  • On the flipside, drop your identity if you are not using it, as it has a passive drain. Keep in mind the hit that breaks your shield cannot Push or Paralyse you, so even if it breaks in 1 hit, you can fully immune many types of CC.
  • Save Nellasia for crucial moments to save your team – if you are too trigger happy you may not have it when you need it most.
  • The second use of Identity will Push enemies around the Gunlancer when lands. This can be a good last-ditch effort at catching enemies without ground escape rolls.