Gunlancer PvE Build

The Gunlancer is often referred to as the tank of Lost Ark, not because it holds aggro of the target at all times but because it is extremely tanky and can stand in massive damage with it’s shields without really disengaging. When other DPS classes have to disengage is where the Gunlance laughs and keeps his uptime because he barely ever runs out of shieldgauge. Do not confuse the Gunlancer for a support as he brings nearly as much damage as a normal DPS to it’s party. Besides really good Damage, the Gunlancer also brings something extremely valuable to the table with his Nellasia’s Energy, which is a party-wide big shield. On top of that he also bring heavy impairment and depending on the playstyle heavy destruction. He is a really good addition to any party and is usually very highly sought after when it comes to endgame content.

Redlancer focuses on burst oriented damage windows with less survivability.

Bluelancer focuses on consistent damage with never ending shielding.


Required Skill Points : 0









Desired Stats

Red Gunlancer goes for pure Crit and for Swiftness on the Necklace as a secondary.

Bluelancer goes for as much Specilization as possible and opts for Crit as secondary on the Necklace.


To my surprise both ultimates are viable. You can chose whichever you prefer for the content you’re about to run. The first one is offensive oriented (daily/easy content) and the second one defensive oriented (hard/weekly content). Whichever suits your playstyle more is what you should run.

Class Engravings

Solo Knight: Gunlance skills have 15% more critical strike chance, deal additional 50% critical damage but the Team-Shield (X) cannot be used anymore. Shield gauge depletes twice as fast. Very offensive oriented Engraving that makes the Gunlancer do slightly more damage than he does with his Blue build for giving up survivability and team-utility.

Combat Readiness: Normal Skills do additional 20% damage. Your shield is 50% more endurable. While you are using your combat shield (Z), everytime you take damage you deal 6% more damage (stacks up to 3 times, 1 per second). Uses Blue skills and is more defensive oriented that Redlancer.


For the Redlancer there’s 2 additional skills that can be used once you obtain more skillpoints than there are in the build we used:

  • Gunlance Shot with 2-2-2
  • Counter Gunlance with 2 (only level 1)

For Bluelancer, once you obtain more skillpoints you can finish the skills that aren’t yet in the bluelancer build.

Viable Engravings

Redlance Engravings: Lv 3 Grudge | Lv 3 SuperCharge | Lv3 Solo Knight (Tier 1)

Bluelance Engravings: Lv 3Grudge | Lv 3 Barricade | Lv 1 Combat Readiness (Tier 1)

Basic Rotation

Redlance Rotation:

  • Taunt/Debuff the Target with Shout of Hatred
  • Debuff Target and buff yourself with Bash
  • Use your 2 big damage Skills: Charged Stinger & Surge Cannon

This conclused your burst window. Outside of your burst window spam Dash Upper Fire and Fire Bullet until your cooldowns come back up. Rinse & Repeat.

Bluelance Rotation (bluelancer is much less burst window oriented):

  • Try to keep your Shout of Hatred to interrupt important mechanics in raids where this is possible
  • Try to hold Dash Upper Fire for counters.
  • Buff yourself again with Bash
  • Use Leap Attack & Guardian’s Thunder
  • Rebuff yourself with Shield Bash
  • End it with Shield Charge.
  • If no counter is coming up you can also use Dash Upper Fire inbetween Shield Bash and Shield Charge.

Video Guide